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Wednesday, November 17, 2010
  Three Videos and the Sexiest Man Alive
Rebranding the World....

Trailer for a movie I think is right up my alley... Cowboys and Aliens

New Harry Potter-- who's going on Friday to see it?

Ryan Reyolds = Sexiest Man Alive (?)

Do you agree? I don't even know who this guy is....

Ready for Thanksgiving?

I know, I know...short. This pesky writing business sometimes gets in the way of having fun...

Awesome trailer for Cowboys and Aliens.
We're seeing Harry Potter this Friday. The kids are begging me not to wear my Quidditch uniform. There aren't any Quidditch games in this movie, they've explained, tears standing in their eyes. Please, mom, don't.
OOO, Bonnie--give us a report!! Including a pic if you wear that costume!!! :-)
Mario-- doesn't that movie look GREAT???
LOL. You really DON'T know who Ryan Reynolds is as that's a photo of Hugh Jackman.

Also. Can't wait for Cowboys and Aliens!!!
You're kidding!!! No wonder I didn't know who he was...I didn't even know he wasn't Hugh Jackman....

I'm going to the midnight showing of HP tonight, and I'm wearing my Hufflepuff wizard robes. It's a tradition for me and I'm not looking forward to HP being over next year. It saddens me to think we are so close to the last movie.
Okay, Michelle-- give us a report, too, and send a pic. You can send it to: jeanne@jeannestein.com

Hhm. I think I'm going to wait a few days to go to HP.

As for Sexiest Man Alive...they really dropped the ball on this one. :(
All I can deduce is he has a big movie coming out soon "Green Lantern" and so possibly they paid the mag...? It's all a big publicity machine run by $$$ ?
We'll probably go see HP next weekend. I have to check and see if it's tot approporate first.

Have a great weekend!

~Suzi and the tot, too
Lesley--you may be right. Money makes Hollywood go round!

And same thing goes for you, Suzi--send us a report after you see HP.

Cowboys vs Aliens looks like it is going to be FAB! Cannot wait.

Lady K and I will likely go see HP-DH P1 on Sunday morning at the first show of the day at 0830.

Not sure I'd choose Ryan Reynolds for Sexiest Man, but he's okay. He was in the last Blade flick, he's going to be the Green Lantern in the remake, the cutie pie dad in Definitely, Maybe

I agree about Ryan--he's cute. Not sexy, imho.

Let me know what you think about HP-- it's sad, but I think I'll have to go see it by myself...None of my adult friends are interested...can you imagine????

Anyway, I was in the grocery store on Thurs and there were a bunch of kids in their Hogwart's robes who were going to the midnight showing of HP. I gave them a thumbs up!!!

J: Lady K and I went to see the 0830 showing of HP7p1 today. It was AWESOME. Very well done, nice cliffhanger, perfect to make people nuts to see the final half.

Watched Graham Norton on BBC America last night and Daniel Radcliffe came on after the premiere in London. Whet the appetite to see the movie this morning. I was awake at 0530 and Lady K not much after. We were ready. Not a big crowd at the Promenade either.

Wish you lived closer, you could have gone with us.
I've been getting good reviews so I'm glad you and Lady K liked it, too-- I'm going sometime this week for sure.

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