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Sunday, June 06, 2010
  Juliet Blackwell and her magical witchiness

Mario here:

Today at Biting-Edge, we're busting at the seams because we have as our special guest, Juliet Blackwell, author of the Lily Ivory Witchcraft Mystery series.  Juliet is not only everybody's friend (as far as we can tell), she loves costumes and parties, is a professional artist, a great dancer, a fan of Happy Hour (and all that implies), and one of the hardest working writers taming the muse.

We've invited her to answer questions about her newest book, Cast-Off Coven, the sequel to Secondhand Spirits


Juliet also writes with her sister under the pseudonym of Hailey Lind and they pen the Annie Kincaid Art Lover's mystery series.  Their first book, Feint of Art, was nominated for an Agatha Award.

Besides this opportunity to learn more about Juliet and what makes her go tick-tock, we're holding a drawing with the prize being signed copies of Cast-Off Coven and Secondhand Spirits plus special witchy shwag.  To be eligible, simply post a question or comment.  The contest ends Saturday, June 12, midnight Mountain Time (for you especially anal-retentive types) and I'll announce the winner on this blog next week.   

And now, the interview:

1. For those not familiar with the series, why a witch?

I’ve always been fascinated with witches – their connections to the earth, the seasons, the lunar cycle, as well as to healing and the botanical arts.  And as a woman, a witch character seemed particularly compelling.  Throughout history –and around the globe-- accusations of witchcraft have been used to denigrate, abuse, or even murder women for the sin of being powerful and respected members of the community. Men can be witches too, of course, and plenty of men died alongside their womenfolk during the burning times.  But most often we associate women with witchcraft  – for instance, calling someone a witch is generally synonymous with calling them a bitch... and is almost exclusively used for a woman. 

But in addition to that history, having a witchy protagonist allows me to play around with all sorts of legends and folktales, and I love including different cultural traditions.  A lot of us are familiar with the history of European witchcraft, but the Craft is still alive and well throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia.  The practitioners can take various forms, from “witch doctors,” to voodoo priests, to gypsy fortunetellers. (I used to be an anthropologist, so once you get me going on this stuff I can go on all night…)

On a personal note, my aunt read cards and tea leaves– and she was astonishingly talented at telling the future and intuiting the past.  She stopped reading fortunes when she predicted a friend’s imminent death – which came true.  And my ex-mother-in-law (who I’m still close to) comes from a small Nahuatl-speaking village in Mexico.  She’s taught me a great deal about herbs and botanicals, and the traditions of her people with regard to medicine and spirits.

And besides all of the above…I had to write about witches because all the cool vampires and werewolves had been written about, including a certain Felix Gomez…;-)

2. The story goes into engaging detail about witchcraft (including spells, culture and history), vintage clothing, and the San Francisco Bay area.  How much of those details were simply background for the story and how much reflects your true interests? 

Both, really. I’m not much good at writing about things I’m not interested in.  I’m a research geek – whether I’m in the library, on the internet, or talking with people and participating in events, I love to learn everything I can about the subjects I describe in my stories.  

I’m from the Bay Area originally.  I’ve lived elsewhere, but I always return. One reason I love it is that the people are so open-minded, and open-hearted – it truly is home to misfits of all kinds.  The people and the geography of the area, both, provide a diverse, beautiful backdrop to stories of urban fantasy.  I also adore vintage clothing – actually I’m a fan of anything aged or antique, including old buildings (and wine, of course…and tequila, and scotch…). And as I mentioned above, I’m fascinated by witchcraft. As an author, all three of those themes allow me to explore history, culture, and paranormal realms.

3. As you researched the witchcraft aspects of the series, what was a surprising find?

How many local witches there are in the Bay Area. How many different traditions there are, and what the followers of each think of one another.  And how many people are still truly afraid of witches and witchcraft.

4. Could you share some details or anecdotes about doing research with the local witch/wiccan community?  Were there some dos and don’ts?

The first coven meeting I ever went was held by the CAYA coven, which stands for the “Come As You Are” coven.  They are just as welcoming and inclusive as their name indicates, welcoming any and all “of good will” into their midst. As do many Wiccan groups, they draw on numerous and varied pagan traditions –from Irish to Indian-- for their ceremonies and focus only on the positive, espousing the Wiccan rede which states: harm ye none. I made the mistake of asking some of these coven members whether they ever approved of hexcraft or “black magic” – they were offended by the suggestion, and stated emphatically that there was no such thing in their Craft.  But other, non-Wiccan witches I spoke to were more than happy to talk about hexes and curses, and found it amusing that I was so careful about phrasing the question to them.  Of course, when one of these women asked to hold my glove during the interview, it made me very nervous.

Here are a few dos and don’ts:

Don’t assume Wicca and witchcraft are the same thing – the first is more akin to a religion, the second a magical practice.

Do be careful when speaking about God, the Devil, or any other Christian-inspired concept.

Don’t mention love spells unless you want a REAL earful

Do bring your own goblet (you never know what they’ll be serving)

Don’t assume any witch wants to talk to you about her (or his) profession for free. There is often a cost associated with their time and expertise, and it’s best to know so up front.

Don’t forget to retrieve your glove (or lock of hair, or fingernail clippings) upon leaving…just in case.

5. You have a breezy sense of humor that makes the narrative a delight to read.  (Love Oscar the pig/gargoyle) Yet there are malevolent themes skimming below the surface such as the danger of using magic for sinister ends (as what happened to Lily’s father) and Lily’s horrific moments as a child witch in Texas.  Will this dark side of witchcraft tempt or affect Lily and her witch friends as the series progresses?

One of my goals in writing a witchcraft series was to keep my protagonist, Lily Ivory, from acting like a “Bewitched”-inspired fun, happy-go-lucky, point your wand and turn someone into a frog, kind of witch.  I wanted to provide an entertaining tale, while still taking the theme seriously.  Basically, if one has powers for good, then one also has powers for evil.  That’s just the way it works. And of course, in fiction –especially in crime fiction – those malevolent themes make storytelling so much deeper, multi-layered, and exciting. 

Also, I think that in any crime series, there is an inevitable darkening effect – it’s hard to pass through story after story of violence and murder, no matter how humorously they might be treated, without addressing one basic truth:  exposure to such trauma would change a person.  One would hope there would be some positive effects– making the protagonist embrace life all the more, finding a deeper sense of compassion and justice – but there would be some fallout, nonetheless.  None of us pass through this life unscathed, after all.

6. As a result of these books, have you incorporated witchiness into your life?  Maybe even something from the dark side?

Nothing from the dark side, at least not knowingly!  As I mentioned above, I do respect the traditions and rites I’ve come to learn about, and would never want to trivialize them.  That said, I do incorporate a few things into my life:  some fashion choices, of course, because they’re so much fun and what’s the point of writing about witchcraft if you can’t dress just a little bit like a sexy modern witch?  And I grow rosemary near my door, and hang sachets over the doorways.  I have a few crystals and stones that are meaningful to me, and I can’t tempt fate without knocking on wood…just in case. 

7. You’ve put an interesting twist to the Southwestern fable of La Llorona by placing her in the San Francisco Bay.  Obviously something about La Llorona has caught your imagination.  Care to elaborate?  Or was it simply a plot device?

I’ve been intrigued by the tale of La Llorona since I first heard the story at college.  My counselor had a disturbing painting hanging on his wall: all greens and blacks, it was not a great painting, technically speaking, but it was undeniably compelling.  

My counselor (a latino) told me the legend of La Llorona, the wailing woman who drowned her children, and now haunts the riverbanks, calling out for her babies and abducting children who are out at night. I went on to read a great deal about the story (there are many different versions), and once wrote a theme paper about her. 

(painting by Diana Bryer) As horrified and fascinated as I was by the theme at the time, now that I’m a parent myself, the kind of anguished emotions that would drive a mother to murder her own children are beyond anything I can imagine. 

I’ve always been surprise that every latino I’ve ever met shudders at the very mention of La Llorona, but most other Americans have never heard of her.  So I thought I’d use the idea…it had such creepy potential.

8. Can you clue us in on the story arc as it progressed from Secondhand Spirits through Cast-Off Coven to the third book (title)?

Secondhand Spirits is primarily about Lily finding a place she feels safe, and searching for community.  She begins to make friends, and to “come out” a little as a witch. She’s forced to become more comfortable with her magic, but it’s really about the effort to find a sense of place, of belonging.  In A Cast-off Coven Lily’s still cementing her friendships and ties to the community, but she also embarks on a bit of a romantic adventure –up ‘til now, she hasn’t had the best track record with men. Her magic is growing in scope, and she’s coming to realize that her special talents are in demand and that she has a moral obligation to use them to help others –and that she really can’t keep her powers under wraps.  In the third as-yet-untitled book (I’m thinking Phantoms of Fashion or Enchanted Ensemble – anyone care to weigh in?) Lily will find her friendships and romance challenged, and will have to choose between what comes first, being a witch, or being a friend and lover…

9. What’s in store for Lily, Max, and Aidan?  Is Lily going to choose?  Or is there going to be a love triangle?  Or maybe even a new male character to act as yet another complication? 

Love triangles are always great fun, but why stop at two?  A Cast-off Coven introduces another man who might be the best match for Lily yet – he’s a rather sullen, dark character, but he does bring out an interesting side of Lily. And with luck, the series will continue for some time, and there will be lots of fun romantic tension with everyone from witch to mythbuster to psychic…

10. This last year you wrote three books for three different series.  Assuming that each book was at least 70,000 words, that’s over 210,000 (polished) words in one year.  That’s an amazing feat.  Plus you have edits to manuscripts, proposals for new work, and promotions for each book as it is released.  And our sources reveal that you are not a social hermit by any means.  So how do you manage to write so much?  What is your writing schedule like?  What are the sacrifices you’ve had to make?  Conversely, what about such rigorous schedule that may energize you?

As you and most other working authors know, there’s not much time for sleep. When I’m in my intensive writing mode, I get up at four in the morning so I can have a couple of solid hours of uninterrupted writing/thinking/creating before the rest of the world starts moving around.  My garden’s a disaster, my home is only a few steps away from a hazardous waste zone, and things like bills get paid in what could most kindly be called a haphazard fashion.  Weekends are nonexistent, and holidays often slip by unobserved. My friends tell me they feel neglected, as well. 

But on the flip side, this is my dream life. It’s incredible to spend generous portions of every day in creative endeavors, building worlds and hearing voices in my head…and no, I don’t need medication ;-)  I’m aware of how many people would love to be in my shoes, how many really good writers are struggling to get published.  So most of the time I really am energized by the demands of the profession, and I know I’m lucky, so I remind myself to love every minute of it (except for revisions, of course.  Revisions suck.)

11. You also have an art business on the side that you’ve had to step back from.  Do you miss your studio time?  Any plans to pick that up?

I don’t miss the business aspects – writing up contracts, working with difficult clients and designers, worrying about making payroll – but I do miss the painting itself.  Lately I occasionally procrastinate by slipping into my studio for an hour at time.  Actually, in answer to question #10, I should have mentioned that the most painful thing I’ve given up for writing (aside from sleeping) is time to paint every day.  In my fantasies, along with making scads of money writing, I’d also be able to paint – not for money, but just for the love of it.

12. What’s on your reading pile?  More specifically, what are you excited to read?

Well, there’s a new novel called Werewolf Smackdown that I’m looking forward to ;-) Seriously.  I’m a huge Felix fan.  Also, Sophie Littlefield’s A Bad Day for Pretty is on my nightstand – she and I are touring together this month, so I’m especially excited to read her latest.  I met Nicole Peeler recently and am looking forward to reading her Urban Fantasy books, as well. I read outside the genre a lot, too.  Sherman Alexie, Barbara Kingsolver, and Nick Hornby are among my favorites.

Lastly, you have two more books coming out this year.  Give us details and a teaser for each.  Any websites to link? 

The first will come out in September. Arsenic and Old Paint is the fourth in the Art Lover’s Mystery series, about an ex-art forger in San Francisco. I write this series with my sister under the pen-name of Hailey Lind.  Here’s the blurb:

When Annie Kincaid painted a perfect Mona Lisa at the age of ten, she was named a prodigy.  A similar copy at seventeen landed her in jail.  Years later, she’s putting her artistic talents to legitimate use as a faux finisher in San Francisco, but memories are long in the art world.  Now, with the blessing of the FBI Art Squad, Annie's using her underworld connections to boost her new art investigation agency.  At first it's strictly business, but when Annie stumbles across a body in an exclusive Nob Hill men's club, and then her Uncle Anton is attacked, Annie's on the trail of more than just art. This time, she's looking for justice.

The second is another paranormal, but it’s first in the new Haunted Home Renovation series, featuring Mel Turner, an ex-anthropologist running a construction business – and finding more than she bargained for behind the walls.  If Walls Could Talk (to be released December 7, 2010) is a paranormal mystery, and once again I’m writing as Juliet Blackwell. Here’s the official blurb for that one:

Two years after Mel Turner stepped in “temporarily” to help with her father’s construction business, she’s still renovating high-end historic homes in San Francisco and dreaming of escaping to Paris. But when a colleague is assaulted with power tools, and his ghost starts following her around, Mel finds deadly secrets from the past hidden behind the mansion’s walls.  Mel has to nail this case before she becomes the next victim….

Both books are available for pre-order on Amazon.  I have a great website under construction at the moment (it should be up any day now!) but in the meantime, check out www.haileylind.com and www.julietblackwell.net for events, signings, and other news. 

Plus, visit my Facebook pages, at Juliet Blackwell (for the paranormal series) and Hailey Lind (for the Art Lover’s Mystery Series)

And join me on Twitter! @ JulietBlackwell

Thanks Julie! You've got us under your spell.






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hey, when are we going shopping for our "sexy modern witch" touring wardrobe?
Fascinating interview. I would have really enjoyed the research part of this, it is all so interesting. Have you ever tried your hand at the cards or leaves?

Would it be safe to say that you are a believer?
A terrific interview!

Is there a particular part of the process of creating a book that you dislike? Do you have a favorite character from your books?
Sophie -- you wear your sexy modern witch right on your sleeve, babe ;-)

Elie -- the research really has been fascinating, and enlightening. I never know whether to say I'm a believer...I was trained as an academic, and tend to err on the side of skepticism. On the other hand, the more I see, the more I believe. At the moment I like to think of myself as increasingly open-minded. I've seen enough to know that there are dimensions most of us don't fully comprehend.

Qwill -- I hate the re-writes! And the revisions, and the copyedits ;-) I love the creative stuff, but no matter what, writing a book means having to do the nitty gritty boring stuff as well. My favorite character? Oscar, by far (he's the shape-shifting pot-bellied pig/goblin). He's just such fun.
What a wonderful interview. I am very familiar with the lifestyles of the modern day witch, living in Colorado you find a sort of inundation to the craft, if you are so inclined. I found this interview right on! I am going to put these books on my reading list. Thanks for introducing me to another great author.
Samantha Shu ( Author, Illustrator)
What a great interview, Hulie! (Juliet + Hailey = Hulie, see?)

The most shocking part of your process to me is that whole 'getting up at 4am' part. That does not compute. What I really love, though, is your unabashed joy in your writing and the good attitude you keep while conquering some hefty deadlines. ANd since I've read everything you've written so far (except Cast Off Coven, which is at the very top of my TBR pile), I can add that you conquer them with fantastic results.
YAY! I'm so excited to find a new author (for me) that apparently follows me around and writes books on what I love: ghosts, witches and art. But stop peeking in my window - that's just weird. ;)

I can't wait to order IF WALLS COULD TALK, it sounds like a hoot! :)
Found your book on a trip to the library and loved it! Can't wait till I can get my hands on the new one. I have a special place in my heart for witch stories, my first and favorite was from high school called The Secret Circle. Now I can't get enough of witches. Thank you!
Someone must have put an overachieving spell on you because there's no way I could get that much work done even if I stay up for 5 days straight and live in a yurt with no bills to pay.

Fun interview!
Thanks so much to Mario for having you on the blog - I have more books to add to my wish list because all three series sound amazing. I love witches and with the research you've done and your attitude toward them, I'm sure the stories will be wonderful.
I know this is only the second book in a wonderful series of books that will be published for many years, and I see a TV show in the near future based on the books, so my question is 'Who do you think would be a good choice to play Lily Ivory in the TV show?'
Ooh, and I want to know if your new haunted home repair series was inspired by your own experiences renovating your house!
Since you mentioned Nicole Peeler, I'll tell you a story. I discovered Gail Carriger on the website GoodReads. I learned of Nicole Peeler on Gail Carriger's blog. I discovered Mario Acevedo on Nicole Peeler's blog - and now I am quite excited to try Secondhand Spirits, and looking forward to the release of If Walls Could Talk!
Loved reading this! Can't wait to crack the spine on 2nd Lily book!
Thanks for you insight on your writing process it really shows me how I could manage my own writing time better, but really revisions totally suck!
See you in LA!
Love your books. I eagerly anticipate each one... Thanks!!
Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! In response to just a few: yes, it IS shocking to get up at 4 am! I'm shocked every single time I manage it. Thank heavens for really strong french roast ;-) And as for who would play Lily on the big (or little) screen...I'm going to have to give that one some thought. One of the things I've given up for writing is watching TV and most movies, so I'm woefully out of touch wtih the actresses who would be young enough to play her. Any ideas yourself? And deenbat -- thanks for the story! Goes to show how this internet thingamajig might actually work ;-)
Thanks again for weighing in, everybody!
Wonderful interview! And the witchy series sounds great. Can't wait to read the books. I also incorporate a lot of Wiccan and/or witchcraft elements in my stories, along with general metaphysics. Even my vampires have magical gifts. Much success with your books!
There is a pig in 'A Cast-off Coven'?
I must put these on my tbr list and not just because of the pig.
Great interview btw.
I like Enchanted Ensemble!
Loved this interview! Makes me want to watch Wicker Man again (the original, not the Nic Cage wanna-be)

Did I already know you were an anthropologist? I DID know you had pictures of my favorite/creepiest Aztec god Xipe Totec in your house.
It all makes perfect sense now...
Look forward to reading the series - next to vampires, witches are my favorite!
Juliet-- I'm kind of excited because you are one of the first authors I've ran across that mentioned herbs and botanicals. LOL Yeah, I'm a nerd like that. Everyone around here gets that glassy eyed look when I talk about herbs. I'm wondering if I have gypsy blood in me from way back when:) It must have been cool to learn from someone instead of having to learn hit and miss.

Thanks for such an indepth interview on your writing and interests. I also love all things vintage too. I cannot wait to read your books!
Oh I've got to read these now! Witches and vintage goodies? What could be better?! Great Q&A too :)
I just finished Secondhand Spirits and was thrilled to see that the next book was coming out so soon and I didn't have to wait for the next adventure. Really great idea and fun to read.
Great interview! Why had I not heard of this series before? One thing is for sure, these books are definitely going on my must read list
Hi Moonsanity -- clearly we have a lot in common! I've always been surprised at how rarely botanicals are discussed as well -- they're crucial to so many magical systems. I, too, can go on about them at length, and always have to cut bits out of the books so as not to bore people!

And Lynda, seems to me that there's plenty of overlap with the magic of witches and vampires, I say go for it ;-) Makes things much more fun.

Hi Kilt! You know that when a woman pays homage to Xipe Totec, something must be amiss, right?

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments -- can't take much credit for the interview, since Mario came up with all the great questions ;-) Seriously, that's not easy to do!

I'm feeling the witchy love out there -- I think it's time witches came into their own right alongside the vamps, don't you? I'm thinking we might be ripe for the newest HBO series...
I hope this wasn't answered above (no time to read through them all - I skimmed).

Are any of the books, especially the Hailey Lind ones, in audiobook? My wife has a long drive to work and loves listening to mysteries on her commute.
Loved the interview. I'm an aspiring author and I love to read how others get inspiration/work. I also love, love your books.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hi Zombie Joe! (2 dollar vodka, 'nuff said)
Unfortunately, so far none of the books has been put out in audio editions. I plan to push for that, hard, in my next contract. I like to listen to books while I paint, too.

And Jennifer -- I love aspiring writers! Welcome to this crazy club. Find inspiration wherever you can, and never give up writing!
I can't wait to buy the first book and try out this series. It looks really interesting. Thanks for the info!
I'm so glad I saw a note on Vampire Wire about this interview. I always enjoy reading about authors and their research. I wasn't familiar with your books, but they look so interesting.
Thanks for checking it out, Scarlet (always love that name ;-))
And Andrea, I just adore any reader who comes to me via Vampire Wire! Thanks for the comment--
great interview. my mom used to read the grounds from Greek (Turkish) coffee, and wwe had a woman who was called Cooma Bruja (maybe - my Mom's language skills are iffy - she thought the Italian for WC was Bac-a-ouse (backhouse) b/c that is what her dad called it). Bruja is obviously Spanish for witch and many Spanish words have found their way into Southern Italian dialects. That woman could cure warts in a half of an hour for life and w/o any pain! Having the magiic in my heritage helps me realize that there are more things in heaven and earth....
Thanks for sharing! I just recently found out about your books and am really looking forward to picking them up. They sound great.

As a modern day witch (who does happen to consider witchcraft my religion, though many do not), I love that you have created a modern, positive character that practices the Craft - and how you've incorporated a bit of magic into your everyday life!

I can't wait to read these!
sounds like fun could you please enter my name into the draw Dianne @ ladywillowdragon@yahoo.com
Thanks and Blessed Be
What an awesome interview. If I don't win this giveaway I'm sure going to pick up the books!
Wow, these look like such fantastic books! Thank you for making the witch the PROTAGONIST, it's about time some one did! Thank you so much!

P.S.--I haven't read your books, but Enchanted Ensemble has a great ring to it and fits well with your other titles.
Thanks to Mrs. B for pointing in this direction. I love coming across new authors (to me anyways). This is definitely something I am going to have look for next time I'm in the book store!
I had never heard of either of these two books and just placed both of them on my e-wish list last week.

Thanks for posting the interview. Now i really cannot wait to read them.
Wow! I didn't know about your books before, but as a practicing pagan, I'm so excited to see there's something out there for me! Thanks for your hard work in writing these. I REALLY look forward to reading them! And please enter my name in the drawing.

Your books sound wonderful, I would love to read them!
Great interview. I'd love to read your books they sound fantastic.
Oh dear! More books to add to my list of MUST BUY'S! But it will be worth it!
Great interview! I can hardly wait to start reading your books..it's always so exciting for me to find a great new to me author.
Just found your blog via Mrs. B. Awesome interview, and I'm glad I found it, even if I don't win the giveaway (but of coure, my fingers and toes are crossed!).

Kisses from Nydia.
WOW - just wow, hearing about how you research and sacrifice for your books, it is just unbelievable. My must read list is growing, can't wait to read these!
Fabulous! Looks like I need to add some books to my reading list!
I'm getting royally pissed at both the Brooklyn and Queens county library systems. You are a kickass writer and they wont even acknowledge your existence by carrying your books. It looks like I'll have to budget more money for buying instead of borrowing and get your books online.
Wow...I can't get over how this whole lovefest keeps going ;-) Seriously, I want to party with you all ;-)
Steph -- I love the Turkish coffee grounds reading -- makes perfect sense, and I happened to just write a scene in which Turkish coffee is served!
Mrs. B -- I loved creating her! And as Leathra says -- so great to have a witch as protagonist, finally, in all her flawed glory.
NoraA -- thanks for raging on my behalf. Really, brings a smile to my heart.
And I can't thank you all enough for giving the books a try. They've been so interesting and exciting to write, and I can't wait to see what happens next, myself ;-)
As I like to say, pagans really know how to party...;-)
Wow. As a bibliophile and mystery lover I now have 5 book series to hunt down and impatiently wait for new releases on, lol.
Hey The Traveler -- you're right next door! I live in Oakland. In fact, I've got a few signings coming up in the east bay if you want to track me down (bring the kids!)
Wonderful! I have a new series to check out!
YAY, more of the Art Lover's Mystery series!! I love that series.
I read SECONDHAND SPIRITS a few month ago and loved it, cannot wait to read CAST OFF COVEN. And now I have a third series to look forward to in December!
Loved the interview! So nice to find more great authors to keep my days and nights company... how 'bout Magic Under Wraps? lol
I Loved the first book, and have been hanging out for the next one! Secondhand Spirits was the kind of book you just couldn't put down.
What a great interview! thanks for the insite and info. I will definately check these books out!! (I would love to be entered in the drawing for two)
love witches. i have a ton on witches, and wicca

Ooh this is the book I remembered hearing about when I was at RT! I am intrigued by witchcraft, there are always so many different ways to write about it, as are a lot of things!

But witchcraft on its own is very interesting! Would love to enter into the drawing!
i would love to read this book! plewase enter me
i would love to read this book! plewase enter me
Interesting article, added his blog to Favorites
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