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Sunday, January 24, 2010
  Czech this out!

Mario here:

Had my first foreign sale. Sold The Nymphos of Rocky Flats to the Czech Republic.  Can't wait to see the book.  How do you say nympho in Czech?

Here's a fresh update on the comic book deal.  IDW Publishing forwarded the Killing the Cobra ad for their upcoming catalog.  Issue #1 will be available with alternating covers, one by Alberto Dose and the other by Pintu.

I finally saw Avatar.  The last 3D movie I'd been to was The Ice Pirates where we wore dorky cardboard glasses to appreciate the very cheesy visual effects.  Thank goodness there was no smell-o-vision.  At least in Avatar we got better glasses and a better flick.

So what did I think of Avatar? It was sorta like a Smurf version of Dances With Wolves.  The forest with all the glowing vegetation reminded me of a 70s blacklight poster.  Not much nuance considering the story lasted almost three hours. 

I was impressed with the amazing CGI effects.  Here's hoping the upcoming John Carter of Mars movie will look as cool.

In case you wanted to look like an revenant bloodsucker but didn't know how, watch this video of makeup and fashion tips.  But for an authentic bloodshot-eyes look, my vampires recommend cheap whisky.

But it's not all glam for the thirsty undead.  This recession has been tough on everybody, including vampires.  So be generous.

Happy fanging.

Aw, yay for international love! Also, according to Google Translate, "nymphomaniac" translates to nymfomanky - use that trivia for good, not evil ;-)

Many congratulations, and have a lovely day! :-)
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Mario the ad looks great. I was trying to read the super-duper tiny print on it and did not see a release date. Does that mean that it is more of an FYI ad at the moment just to let people know that it will eventually be available?

That is probably the best make-up tutorial I've seen yet for a "vampire" look. While she does not ay it in this one, I always laugh with other tutorials tell you to use a foundation two or three shades lighter than your normal one. Considering that I'm already use Porcelain Ivory (the lightest shade available in drug stores) I would have to buy something like Manic Panic's Vampire Veil "Moonlight" Pressed Powder Foundation in order to comply with that instruction. For a color reference, Vampire Veil "Moonlight" is supposedly the foundation used by Marilyn Manson according to Manic Panic's website.
oooo.. I loved the video. Should I try the look Tuesday for critique group?

Yes, Jeanne. We're used to seeing you with bloodshot eyes.
Jeanne you should ... and then post photos Thursday :)
Ooooo, yes, please! Pics!

Congrats on the foreign sale. Those are some lucky Czech peeps.
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