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Thursday, November 19, 2009
Have to apologize to you, my friends. I’m doing the National Write a Novel in a Month thing and have not spent the time I usually do looking for interesting tidbits to share. Instead I’ve actually been (gasp) writing! Now the goal is to write 50,000 words in the month of November. I’ll be happy if I write 20,000 (I just went over the 10,000 word mark.) I’m working on the seventh Anna book, untitled at present. That’s odd in itself since I usually have a title picked before I start the book. In any case, joining the hundreds of thousands of other writers doing this crazy thing has been fun and great incentive to keep that butt in the chair.

Anybody else participating? How many words have you written?

I do have a couple of things, though. For your viewing pleasure, an Elvis impersonator serenades Charlaine Harris at the Tru Blood And Gold Party in New Orleans on October 30, 2009.

And some eye candy—My membership card to the Naked David Boreanaz Club.

This club was founded by Marta Acosta and if you go to her blog, Vampire Wire, not only can you request membership for yourself, but you get to read a great interview by pal Molly Harper. There’s a contest, too, and prizes will ensue.

Now, no one is denying that a naked David Boreanaz is pretty nice, but my question is, who is going to start the naked James Marsters Club?

When I posted this to The League of Reluctant Adults, I was chastised for not including something for the men. So, here’s a possibility for the Naked Sarah Michelle Geller Club.

Okay. Back to earth. Mario and I think it’s time for another contest. This time, we want your input. What kind of contest should we run? Come on—give us your ideas. If we use yours, you get a prize, too.

PS Tonight New Moon opens....so come on...fess up. Who's going?

PPS Mario just sent this to me-- He's being interviewed on Bitten by Books here. Check it out if you dare.
I will be the first to fess up. I loathe the Twilight franchise, but I'm still going to see it. Only I'm going to go see it like saturday or something when the chances of screaming girls (every time Edward walks on the screen) are at a minimum (well around here anyways.)
Let us know how you liked (or disliked) the movie. I didn't see the first one, but I may get it on video (rent, that is).

I actually have had my New Moon ticket now for weeks. I wasn't all that impressed with the special effects in the first movie, however; I am really looking forward to them in this one. I just hope I'm not disappointed. I'll let you know what I think tomorrow.
thanks, Michelle-- look forward to your review, too!!

I broke down and saw Twilight (one night in a recent hotel stay, to my wallet's horror. It was MEH.

Don't think I'll go see this one. Whereas I got the Harry Potter appeal, I just don't get Twilight.

Jeanne, I am not doing NaNoWriMo 2009. I am still horribly stuck somewhere in week 2 of NaNoWriMo 2008 with my writing. It's a lot like being stuck in swampy fens with your pet alligator.
Hi Gina-- I love your analogy and can appreciate the feeling!!! Been there, done that.

I don't know how much of what I'm writing will stick, but it has been a good way to get started again.

Hi Jeanne!

While I thought there was some serious lacking in the first of the Twilight Saga, I did purchase it.

I will be going to see New Moon, which I have been waiting patiently to see. There's a new director, more money, and I hope, better effects (I've seen all the trailers, and damn, it looks good!! - fingers crossed!!)

I am doing NaNoWriMo for the first time. I'm at 39000 words, but upon re-reading, I've realized that a lot of it is crap. I might end up with a decent novella at 20000 words after much editing. It's very hard to write quickly enough to reach the 50000 word goal and remember everything that you've already written. It can be confusing.
Dottie said: It's very hard to write quickly enough to reach the 50000 word goal and remember everything that you've already written. It can be confusing.

Not only that, but I can't turn off the editor button in my head. I keep wanting to go back and change/correct/revise. That's why I decided 20000 would be a realistic goal for me at least this first time out.

Jeanne, I'll let you know what New Moon is like. The Twilight film (the first) was a bit flat. People have all kinds of reasons for this, but my personal reason it fell flat was that the producer appeared to be trying to create an art film when her material demanded a teen chick flick. When you watch it, notice the color palette (largely overwhelming blue with hints of green and only occasionally yellows. clothing tends towards the cool or earthy tones), the framing, the way the camera enters scenes, the types of insert shots used, the lighting ... it all speaks of artsy type films. Teen flicks on the other hand usually demand a largely bright or vibrant color palette, basic framing with a few tricks here and there, and insert shots that focus on important details (think the hair brushing shot at the beginning of Legally Blond) instead of inserts for stylistic reasons. It was like the producer forgot who her audience was,and then everything else fell apart from there. I will admit that the first time around it was interesting from a visual standpoint for me, but the content and visuals did not jive. New Moon, from the preview I watched last night, appears to have rid itself of the "artsy" approach. If nothing else it will be interesting to analyze the work of the art departments and the like. Does anyone know if the Twilight DVD has director commentary? I woudl re-watch it with commentary simply to figure out what the heck the director was thinking.
also I would like to point out that the local theater (the only theater I can go to without driving fifty minutes)has four screens (only three screens until 2006)and $5 tickets. If the tickets were more expensive I would probably wait for the DVD. But, $5 cash incl. tax is a small price to pay for something you are not sure about. One of the reasons I love small towns :D
Nice comments, Leia--and the fact that the first didn't seem to have the action appeal of what I've seen of the second, is one of the reasons I'm curious about New Moon.

I haven't looked for the DVD of Twilight, but I will this weekend. I'm anxiously awaiting the reviews from our readers who saw New Moon (hint-hint, Michelle, Dottie)

Spam alert!
I don't know where these people come from...we get that one that looks like Chinese hieroglyphics every once in awhile, too. I usually try to delete them before they post.

thanks Leia--
I am fairly certain I will not watch Twilight, but I might take a gander at New Moon, if only for the werewolf action that doesn't look angsty. I like my tough vampires, not pasty angsty vampires....speaking of tough vampires, thankin' you for the half nekkid pics of David and James. Now THAT'S what I am talkin' about.
Off to the interview with Mario....
Glad you liked the pics, Vickie-- I am to please!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeanne I get those to. I finally turned it on so I had to approve posts (few as I get) b/c one day I came to my site and was inundated with LOADS of those things. Hopefully you don't get hit by that.

New Moon- I saw it and posted my thoughts on Mario's most recent post. It was decent mindless viewing with a number of moments that were so absurd I laughed out loud and earned a couple nasty looks. I will say that the people who did the visuals, special effects, costumes, sets, and storyboards did a very good job considering the film's target audience. Of course we didn't see the storyboards, but considering the way it was shot you know that the storyboard artists really did their job well.
Hi Jeanne! The tot wants to see New Moon (she's in love with "Shark Boy") but I'm not sure if it's tot appropriate. I need to do some research. She did see Twlight and got a little bored, but that was it.

Glad to hear you're still plugging away at NaNo. I just hit 36k, but those are all words tacked onto a WIP, lol. But I need to finish that puppy by the 29th...hopefully I can do it, lol.

have a grea day.

Suzi and the tot

Well, it was pretty PG rated. There were a few kisses but no nudity or sex, and no veiled suggestions of it. There also wasn't a terrible lot of violence and nothing really graphic.
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