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Thursday, May 14, 2009
  Now for the Good Guys--
Lots of good entries for the villain contest, now here’s your second chance to win a bunch of goodies by naming your favorite hero—rules are the same—add a comment here or on Monday and we’ll put all the entries in a hat and draw our two winners next Thursday.

I saw the new Star Trek over the weekend. I have mixed feelings. I think the casting was brilliant and the young actors really did their homework. Voice inflections, physical characteristics, the eyebrow thing—all worked.

Somehow, sadly, for me the story lacked—I can’t even put it into words—something. Drama. Suspense. I never felt the crew was in danger. Maybe because the villain wasn’t on screen that much. And the timeline confused me. I kept wondering why if they had traveled back in time (or was it ahead?) both planets couldn’t have been saved. Somebody help me.

I loved the glimpses into the early lives of young Spock and Kirk and the rest. And I hope they’ll do a sequel because I’m a Trekkie at heart.

Talking about movies, I’m not sure how I feel about this but here’s an early look at a new Sherlock Holmes movie. Have you heard about this:

From USA Today:

"We are trying to make a fun adventure movie," (Producer Lionel Wigram )says. "My favorites are the Bond films. Raiders of the Lost Ark. I want to make a movie like that."

Familiarity does breed box office. "The word of the day is 'branding,' " says Hollywood mogul Joel Silver, another of the film's producers and a force behind the Die Hard and Matrix series. "We are always looking for branded ideas. Audiences are interested in seeing something they know."

But with a difference, too. This Holmes is as brainy as ever but is a bruiser as well. Bare-fisted boxing, sword fighting and a mastery of martial arts have been added to his arsenal of weapons.


And a second look here.

Okay, my thoughts…Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law as Holmes and Watson?

The first problem for me is that Law is taller than Downey—that’s wrong. And Downey doesn’t have the angular edges to his face that Holmes had. I’ll probably be sparking a war here, but Basil Rathbone was the cinema Holmes for me. Until Jeremy Brett made the PBS series. I had the pleasure of meeting Brett when I lived in Southern California. I belonged to our own Baker St Irregular group called The Grimpen Admirers. We had dinners and dressed in vintage clothing and talked the Canon for hours. Brett was in Los Angeles for some function or another and our group met with him. It wasn’t long after his wife died and I’ll never forget his sad countenance. Still, he was warm and welcoming and I have a wonderful picture taken with him. Someday I’ll have to get it scanned so I can share it.

Anyway, in a wave of nostalgia, I started looking for some pics to share. I have Whedon stuff and a couple of other items but I think I’ll save them for next week. Let’s end with this.

First a well known Sidney Paget Drawing.

Next a couple of Rathbone images:

Jeremy Brett:

Downey & Law:

How do you feel about Sherlock Holmes? Ever read Doyle’s stories? Why do you think they still resonate with readers? Any thoughts on the new casting? Tell me.

Images above are from the Sherlock Holmes shop and the website of Sheryl Franklin.

And don't forget to enter the contest.... you can guess who my pick would be.
Heroes: Indiana Jones, Batman, Superman, Lassie, Ripley....

I am looking forward to the new iteration of Sherlock Holmes. I think both actors will do a great job...and both are just so purdee. (I am shallow)

I love the old Sherlock Holmes movies, the BBC shows, the stories....they were among my first intros to mysteries, along with the Bobbsey Twins, Trixie Belden, and Nancy Drew....
Oooh, Wolverine!

I think the coming Sherlock Homes movie with Downey and Law has the potential to be pretty good, at least the previews I've seen have looked good.
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Wolverine or Gambit from X-Men. Both have issues with authority, but Gambit's more suave and charming about it. ;)
Vickie said: I am looking forward to the new iteration of Sherlock Holmes. I think both actors will do a great job...and both are just so purdee. (I am shallow)

I'm shallow, too, and there's something about purdee....but still....

I loved a good hero and sometimes even a bad boy hero!

I have to nominate Felix Gomez!

The new Sherlock Homes does look good, I'm with Wendy.

Dottie :)
Wendy and Dottie-- I haven't seen any previews yet. Maybe that's the trouble.

And I should add a ps-- I was dubious about tom cruise in Interview With a Vampire and he surprised me...

Hi Jeanne! :)
Will be a year or so til I can see this because I need the closed captioning for the deaf, but by then its all hyped out and i don't get interested in seeing them. I've always been that way so it really seeing less and less movies over the year. I'm mostly reading :)

I'd say Gerald Butler as Dracula?

I think I read a couple of historical mystery books which had Sherlock Holmes mentioned but have never read anything of his with in the books (Since I mostly read romance and urban fantasy, I got into historical mysteries and love those. I wonder if there are any with Sherlock Holmes as the main character.
The Incredible Hulk
Heroes - Gambit, I cant tell you how excited I am he is finally showing up. Batman. Indiana Jones, last movie ended on a disappointing note but the first 3 were amazing.

I am really looking forward to seeing how the new Sherlock Holmes comes out. I really have high hopes.
Caffey asked: I wonder if there are any with Sherlock Holmes as the main character.

You might like the Laurie R. King series-- the first is the Beekeepers Apprentice. If you try it, let me know what you think!

Jeanne: I like THE BEEKEEPERS APPRENTICE. It was intriguing to watch a woman who could keep up with Holmes intelligently and not be evil.
I was startled by Tom Cruise as a vampire, too. I really didn't think he'd pull it off, but it was a credible job.

Caffey: Oooooo..... Gerard Butler in anything is good schtuff......

As for the new Sherlock Holmes movie, I am going to watch with a grain of salt. Just like I did for Ironman and the latest Hulk. And both surprised me with how well done they turned out.
Heroes, hmmm... Such a broad canvas to chose from.

True heroes are about sacrifice and/or defeating evil
so my top five would be:

Charlton Heston's character from The Omega Man
James Bond
Dirty Harry Calahan
Thought I would also list my top 5 fictional novel characters as well that are heroes to me:

Atticus Finch
Harry Bosch
James Bond
Jack Ryan
I didn't get to comment about villains so guess I'll give my 2¢ on that as well:

Alan Rickman's characters in Die Hard and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.
Eric Robert's character from Star '80
Kevin Spacey's character from Se7en
Hannibal Lector
And my 5 villains from novels:

Hannibal Lector
The Poet (Michael Connelly novels)
Lex Luthor
The Overlook, the hotel in the novel The Shining
Now about this Sherlock Holmes reboot. Every so often this character gets an update. He is a very classic hero and detective who's detecting ways are classic. How do I feel about this reboot? Well after wondering about Tom Cruise taking on Lestat or Daniel Craig as Bond, the proof is in the pudding... let's see first before I make a decision.

But I am intrigued. Sure Rathbone is/was Holmes but I never, ever thought anyone could match Connery as Bond but finally Craig is proving me wrong. Besides never underestimate the acting ability of these two distinguished leads in the new reboot.
It's me again, I've never posted before so I have one more comment for now... I understand that this raffle your having is following the Chicago Rules... Whilst I am down with that I also like to play by The Kingfisher, Huey Long and Tammany Hall's Boss Tweed rules of casting votes and playing the lottery, numbers, horses, liar's poker and the art of stuffing ballot boxes and getting out the vote of the deceased.
AtticusRex-- I like you! I can tell you have the kind of devious mind that makes you dangerous and intriguing--

As for Cruise and Craig-- you are right. I, too, was leery of Daniel Craig playing Bond-- now he's very close to becoming my favorite. I'm just hoping the producers of this new series give us more story and less pyrotechnics.

More of Daniel Craig naked would be nice, too.

This comment has been removed by the author.
Um, Hi Jeanne. I gotta say that I can understand you wanting to see 'more' of Craig, but for me I keep telling my friends, "That guy can wear a suit!" Never has a Bond looked so good dressed as well.

I love Connery. I grew up with him. Thunderball was my first Bond in the theaters. He is BOND. Lazenby was way to 'Milquetoast', Moore was way to 'dry-cleaned', Dalton was on the right road but in the wrong taxi, Brosnan was to pretty and thin and Craig is nothing like Connery (Except for the dangerous part) which was a perfect way to go when your doing a reboot.

I also loved the fact that they are changing things in so many ways... take the last two Bond movies, 007 has yet to 'ride off' into the sunset with the Bond Girl. 1st one he watches her die, the 2nd one they never even hook-up. Greatness.
AtticusRex says: 1st one he watches her die, the 2nd one they never even hook-up. Greatness.

Was there ever a greater line written than "the bitch is dead"?

Wow .. I'm gone a couple days and the blog is already much posted!

My Heroes -
1) Giles - he's the brains behind Buffy, pretty much adorable, stuffy at times, and can really kick some booty when he has to. Buffy gets really good at thinking on her feet, but without Giles she would have entered a lot of situations blind and the world would have ended .. a lot.

2) Watson - I think we can all agree that Sherlock Holmes is pretty much a genius at observation, but Watson did a lot of Holmes' dirty work and was one heck of a sid kick. Holmes would still have been awesome, but no where near as much without Watson around to deal with the every day stuff.

3) Victoria Nelson - from Tanya Huff's Blood Books. I love the fact that she didn't let her failing eyesight get in the way of her passion for making sure that justice is done. The fact that her PI work dealt with zombies and mummies was an added bonus.

4) Jean Valjean - This poor man found himself in jail for stealing bread to feed his family, received exhorbitant amounts of jail time/hard labor for his small crime (ok, he DID try to escape a few times which didn't help any), he eventually turned his life around but spent his whole life on the run and in fear. He almost died feeling all alone. HE accomplishe much in his life but he never had a moments rest despite all his efforts to do what was right and what would make up for the things he has done in his past life as a criminal.

5)Superman (aka AtticusRex) - The guy has everything (strength, power, bullet proof, flight, not so nifty tights) yet he doesn't have the ability to really connect on a human level. No matter who he may befriend/work with in the human world, he is always a man apart who has to hide behind a facade (or glasses) and can never REALLY be himself without endangering those he loves.

6) Hecule Poirot - the man was an egotistical genius detective, and always had a carefully died and manicured black mustace. Major props for that.

7) I also Wolverine - the man has claws that come out of his hands, only sides with himself, and kicks major butt. What's not to love?
Allyg - I'm never certain if Gambit is "hero" or not, but he is undeniably cool and I'v been in love with him and Wolverine since I was old enough to play with their action figures. I commend you on your exceptional taste :p
*dyed mustache

*I also second Wolverine

Also I'm a very very big fan of Data. Words cannot describe how much I love him. He's a "good guy" but I'm not sure that really classifies him as a hero. Thoughts?
My favorite good guy hero was kind of hard to pick but I'm going with Legolas Greenleaf from Lord of the Rings.
Heroes... I guess I don't have favorite heroes in a conventional sense. I am going to go with Marius from The Vampire Chronicles. Because he is a total hero to me. After that, Gambit, Lestat, and Dor (from Xanth series).

My favourite heroes are Robin Hood(if we're talking movies, Errol Flynn all the way, baby!) and Horatio Hornblower(I like the books and the BBC/A&E version with Ioan Gruffudd). Um...and Miles Vorkosigan...and Captain WIlliam Laurence...um and Harry Dresden...and a whole list of them from Dick Francis' mysteries...and The Doctor...and...
I'm with you on the Star Trek movie. Can't help ya there! I mean, I found it fun and everything...if I pretend it's not a REAL Star Trek movie, I'm good...except ugh, I thought the score kinda sucked.

Oh ya, I heard about the new Sherlock Holmes they're doing. I love Sherlock Holmes, I really do. I love the books. I loved Basil Rathbone as Holmes. I have issues with the new Sherlock Holmes. I may not see it at all.

And while we're the on topic of new takes on good oldies...they're doing a new Robin Hood movie with Russell Crowe as Robin and a new Green Hornet with Seth Rogen as Britt Reid/The Green Hornet. I have issues with the former and possible issues with the latter('cause I can't see Rogen as Reid). It's quite possible that I just don't like messing with something if it isn't broken :)
Hah! I'm of completely the opposite direction re Star Trek -- I've thoughtall the previous movies were a bit tedious, while occasionally veering into acceptable. Some were absolute duds. I hated the first move so much I boycotted the next two at the theaters and have only seen them on DVD. (Which was a shame because I thought the on with Khan and Chekov's ear parasite was the best of a sorry lot.)

I've always thought the Star Trek MOVIES tried too hard and also were more "star" vehicles to highlight one or two of the actors rather than stories that advanced the ST canon.

Well, and it irritated me to no end that they seemed to think that just because they were now making a movie they could swear a lot. Yeah, yeah, we know -- I have issues with swearing.

This is from a person who ranks the various series as my all-time favorite TV. Especially the later series. I love all of them. (and I admit classic Trek is my least favorite.)

What I didn't like about this movie:
1. It disturbed me that Vulcan was left destroyed at the end. That raised questions in my mind about implcations to the entire series that went on before. They should have fixed that.

2. It also disturbed me that this meant Spock's mother was left dead, since we've met her before.

3. The affair between Spock and Uhuru didn't quite disturb me, except I kept remembering that episode where Uhuru and KIRK were being manipulated by gods and Uhuru was confessing that she'd always wanted Kirk to make love to her. That didn't quite resonate with Uhuru not having the time of day for Kirk but lusting for Spock in this movie.
RE my favorite heroes:

1. Samwise Gamgee, especially in the movies (where he was so brilliantly interpreted by Sean Astin. I have only ever cried on meeting two actors, Sean Astin and Leonard Nimoy.)

Why Sam? Because he's the everyman -- the little nothing-but-a-hobbit who out of fierce loyalty to Frodo and Gandalf, out of sheer grit and determination, keeps Frodo on the path to Mordor. Frodo would never have made it to Mordor if it weren't for Sam. He needed Gollum, but he needed Sam more.
favorite heroes would be Superman and Spiderman
Gina, Samwise is a very good nomination. Frodo might have been the one to carry the ring, but the ring would have never been destroyed if Saw hadn't been there.
@GINA: The Vulcan planet and the death of Spock's mom are fine within the timeline. Remember, it's the 'future' older Spock witnesses the destruction of Vulcan. This wouldn't affect the timeline except that Kirk knows as do some others in the crew of Spock's home planet going kablooey in the future. Perhaps they are able to stop it in another storyline.
Another thought on Good Guy Heroes...

I went back over my list and felt that just about everybody on it whilst a hero is one because it's either forced on them or they just don't have any other choice but to do the right (what need's do'in) thing.

So my vote for best Hero is the one who not only wants to be a hero, but does it with great joy and as if it's he's whole reason for being: Hiro of the TV show Heroes.

Also about this Robin Hood and Green Hornet movies... SIr Ridley Scott has already said this is a more realistic approach to the legend and that it's not meant to be a Errol Flynn type romp.

Now I hope the producers realize that while Seth Rogan isn't Van Williams (who's still alive selling real estate I believe) from the original Green Hornet that the show was popular because of Kato played by Bruce Lee and the Hornet's car The Black Beauty.

While Hollywood is still at the process of rebooting I wish they would green-light Quentin Tarantino's version of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. That would be waaaaaay cool and both original actors are still around and could do cameos.
Samwise is my best friend's favourite part of tLotR because he was such a good friend. And while I agree that he's great, I was busy drooling over elves. My best friend likes me anyhow. :D

But Sir Ridley Scott, I LIKE Errol Flynn-type romps! Heh heh heh ;)

Ya, Kato and The Black Beauty stole the show. Though, I actually did like Van as Britt.

No...way! There's talk of rebooting The Man from U.N.C.L.E.?? That WOULD be cool!
@Pissenlit: At this time I believe the U.N.C.L.E. project is dead or at least dormant. QT did write a script and he really wants to make it from what I can tell. I agree it would be cool. QT and Spies! After QT's latest (A WWII romp ala Dirty Dozen) I would also like to see him adapt another '60's show The Rat Pack. He could have fun with that for days.

Van was a cool Hornet. Not sure though wether folks now-a-days care for the Hornet or not though.
Wow, lot's of great posts!!! I've been away a couple of days, too, so I'm catching up. Love all your nominations and talk about some trips down memory lane!

AtticusRex mentioned: So my vote for best Hero is the one who not only wants to be a hero, but does it with great joy and as if it's he's whole reason for being: Hiro of the TV show Heroes.

Oooo-- I love this. How many of us wish for a chance to be a hero-- of course, we all are to some extent. Just living a good life is heroic these days. But I love the way Hiro is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He's noble in the classic sense.

At the risk of slipping in a paid political announcement, it's also why I found Buffy so compelling. Selflessness.

I like Tavi in Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series. He always gives his all despite such awful odds - behaves decently and somehow squeaks through!

I love Sherlock Holmes stories and can't wait for the version with Robert Downey, Jr. I liked Rupert Everett's version as well.

gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com
I have seen the new trailer for Sherlock Holmes and I'm really feel... Jude Law actually seems to make a very good Watson. But whilst Downy Jr. looks great, and you can tell he's acting great... the filmmakers have turned him into a Indiana Jones type with lots of fighting and scampering. Hmmm.. Sherlock Holmes Action Hero!

But it's Guy Ritchie and I love his movies except for that home movie he made with his then wife Madonna.

So we'll wait and see....
How about Russel Crow from "Gladiator"? For the rest of heroes, I will have to go with comics- Corto Maltese and Dylan Dog
Tristan from "Stardust"
Real life male. Rear Admiral Alan B. Shephard Jr. First in space then came back to go to the moon. First flag rank astronaut. Remember that goofy grinning astronaut in the intro to ENTERPRISE? that is Shep, just geeked about heading back into space!

Real life female - Susan Butcher, 4 time Iditarod Sled Dog race Champ.... she can kick Xena AND Ripley's butts with one musher tied behind her back. She kicked the asses of all those macho Alaskan drivers and made it look easy!

Oh and fictional heroes?

Male - Number 6 from The Prisoner (shhh John Drake)

Female - Mrs. Emma Peel (M Appeal)

Sorry... stream of consciousness.

Fictional villains?

Dead heat tie for second....

Wo Fat on Hawaii Five 0

He never copped out, he was never caught and he OFTEN beat Steve McGarrett!


Auric Goldfinger -

Best villain line ever...

Bond- "What, do you expect me to talk?"

Goldfinger - "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die...."

Ok and a funny guy villain nod to Miguelito Loveless... (Wild Wild West)he never gave up and he always came back and he always got the girl.

And a just plain stupid but square jawed villain to Col. Flagg the CIA guy on M*A*S*H.

First place for all time best, classiest, overplayed, understated villain of all time?

Doctor Anton Phibes of course..... Vincent Prices Pieces d'resistance in Abominable Dr. Phibes and Dr. Phibes rises again. There will never be a better villain.

Female fic villains? Hmmmmmmmmm

(No real life villains for me.... far too many.)
AtticusRex - At this time I believe the U.N.C.L.E. project is dead or at least dormant.


the filmmakers have turned him into a Indiana Jones type with lots of fighting and scampering. Hmmm.. Sherlock Holmes Action Hero!

Ya, I'm not liking what they did to Holmes. Someone on another blog, I forget who, described the trailer as what looks like a Steampunk James Bond. That might've been cool...
DocPhibes - Female - Mrs. Emma Peel (M Appeal)

Yay! Another Emma Peel fan!
Dianna Rigg...not ONLY Emma Peel, but also Mrs. Tracy Draco Bond....however briefly and lamentedly.

Leather never looked so good.

And since Sherlock Holmes figured here so prominently....I have a chronologically relevant hypothesis as to who Jack the Ripper was......

Ripper ties:

This individual was a high level Mason, as was the ripper;

Trained medical man, as was the Ripper;

Well acquainted with law enforcement processes and procedures of the time, as was the Ripper;

Had a significant grudge against prostitutes, as apparently did the Ripper;

Loved to play cat and mouse with John Law, as did the Ripper......

Yep, I think that Sir Arthur Connan Doyle was Jack the Ripper -

Trained MD, 32nd degree Mason, obviously loved dogging poor LeStrade, author of the Holmes stories of highly intelligent villains who often got away with it, knew the gaslight area well and his son's life was ruined by a London prostitute......

Not so hard to swallow, eh?

Alimentary my dear Watson!

Someday soon I will go to the UK and see what Dr. Doyles tavels were during the murders..... ;-)

Someday soon I will go to the UK and see what Dr. Doyles tavels were during the murders..... ;-)

DocPhibes-- I am speechless.

LOL Jeanne... was it from the astounding premise or from the unforgiveable typos?

Either way, rendering an author speechless is akin to what happened in the music shop the day the music died and a wonderful welcome plaudit!


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