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Wednesday, March 03, 2010
  Comics Galore
Lots of book news this week…most of it has to do with the graphics, but here's one from Penguin:

New Penguin Inks Series (From EW's Shelf Life)

Tattoos aren’t always the product of a good decision. That cursive text on your left bicep might look like the name of your ex-girlfriend, but what it really spells is “regret.” And imagine how you’ll feel at 60 when you look in the mirror and see Dr. Evil staring back at you from your chest. However, Penguin Books upcoming “Penguin Inks” series, in which the publisher commissioned tattoo artists and illustrators to re-imagine the covers of six modern classics in the style of body art is actually pretty inspired. And the resulting designs are pretty cool.

There are some recurring tattoo tropes (mainly women and roses), but each of the images remains distinct, from a serene and detailed portrait for J.M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians to an appropriately vulgar farrago of sailor-arm art for Martin Amis’ Money. And the choice to include Keri Hulme’s The Bone People in this project makes sense, considering the book’s Maori themes. The new editions are set to art up bookshelves this June.

Do you like the tattooed look? Does it depend on how you feel about the six novels themselves, or do you tend not to judge a cover by its book?

Check the link to see some examples. I think pal Nicole Peeler's covers are very much tat art, how about you?

* * * *

As you know, one of my favorite authors, Robert B. Parker passed away. Here is the eulogy given by his son Robert during the memorial service. I think RBP would have been proud.

* * * *

Now, into the world of comics:

From Shelf Awareness and The Washington Post

A mint-condition copy of the rare Action Comics No. 1 sold for $1 million in a deal between a private collector and buyer that was brokered by Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner and COO of the ComicConnect.com and its sister dealership, Metropolis Collectibles, the Washington Post reported. The comic, published in 1938, was the first to feature Superman.

"The person who bought it is an avid Superman fan and was extremely excited to get it," Zurzolo said, adding, "This sale is groundbreaking. It changes the game for comic-investment collectibles.... As a collectible and an investment, comic books have trailed behind other categories. This sale is putting us into a similar playing field as even rare gemstones and antiques."

Then, a mere three days later a Batman comic book sold at auction for about $1,075.500.

Again from the Post : Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas reports that a rare copy of Detective Comics No. 27 from 1939 -- in which "The Batman" made his debut -- sold for a record-setting $1,075,500.

"It really has an amazing appearance," says Lon Allen, sales director for Heritage's comic books division. "The bright yellows with Batman swooping in -- you can really tell it was stored properly from the beginning."

There are only between 100 and 200 copies of Detective Comics No. 27 in existence, Allen says, and perhaps none in such "very fine" condition. In 1939, the comic sold for 10 cents; the consignor bought the book in the '60s for $100.

See, Mario, what might happen to yours one day? In fact, I asked how we might preorder Mario’s Killing the Cobra: Chinatown Trollop and here’s what Chris Ryall, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of IDW Publishing, had to say:

You can pre-order at any comic book store, using the Previews catalog they have there (or just telling the retailer to order and hold a copy for you). We'll also be selling the book through the IDW site after it's in stores in case there are no comic book stores nearby.

Then, in still more comic news, along with the preview of Jackie Kessler’s Tales of the Vampires, Part 2, Dark Horse did an interview with Jackie that you can read here .

And last but certainly not least:

From Bluewater Comics:

It's the rare author who achieves superstar status. Stephen King, Anne Rice, Tom Clancy, John Grisham and J.K. Rowling may be household names. But for every one of them, there are hundreds of struggling writers who watch as their masterpieces never make it anywhere near the New York Times' bestseller list.

For most of the more than 20 years that Charlaine Harris has spent writing mysteries, she fit squarely into that later category. She had her fans, but she was nowhere near a household name. Then she created a character called Sookie Stackhouse, and everything changed.

Sookie Stackhouse is now the featured character on HBO's hit southern gothic vampire series True Blood. And Harris, who will release her 10th Sookie Stackhouse book this summer, is finally one of those household names.

This May, Harris will also star in her first comic book, as the subject of Bluewater Productions' latest entry in its popular Female Force line of biographical comics. Harris herself participated in Female Force: Charlaine Harris, granting extensive interviews to writer Kim Sherman. This marks an important first for Bluewater: Harris is the first celebrity to be interviewed for the Female Force series.

Full article here

For the record, Charlaine has always been a Female Force in my book. She was the first professional to give me words of encouragement and I'll be forever grateful.

Check out this bookish work of art: an octagonal building made out of books that is located at Modern Art Center in Lisbon, Portugal. Thanks to inhabitat.com .

My question: what do you do if you want to read a book on the bottom?

A book trailer that shows just what money buys you—

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

From Shelf Awareness and Deadline Hollywood

A feature-length film adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is also in the works. Deadline Hollywood reported that directors Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov have acquired the rights to produce a movie version of the mash-up. They "used their own money for the option and haven’t involved a studio yet."

Who has read the book and what do you think?

Vook is offering a free download of a the new Anne Rice story: The Master of Rampling Gate. Click here for the story and to view the trailer.

Mario’s Werewolf Smackdown is on sale now!!! Remember, Sunday he will be at the Broadway Book Mall, 200 So. Broadway at 3 PM.

I’m hoping by next Thursday I’ll have the cover for Chosen to share with you. It’s stlll undergoing some editorial review. Stay tuned…

If you're a comics fan, what's your favorite?
I've been curious about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ever since I saw it. I'm currently reading Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter and it's very slow moving and hardly any demon hunting. So it's frustrating. I hope Lincoln's is better.
Wow that IS a lot of comic information. I know for sure that I will be getting the Tales of the Vampires one for sure. The store I buy from automatically pulls anything Buffy, and Whedon one-shots for me.

Maybe I missed it, but do we know when Mario's comic will be released?

The Book Building ... it's nice to see modern art that actually makes sense for once.

Charlene Harris - I heard a couple people at the bookstore Saturday talking about how long it took her to "rise to fame" so to speak. It was nice to hear that people appreciated how hard people work to get their books written and noticed by other people. It was also interesting to hear people mention Stephanie Meyer in the same conversation and say "well if nothing else, she and her family are financially set for life." It was quite the opposite opinion of the appreciation and seriousness with which they discussed Charlene Harris.

Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter. I know nothing about this, and have never heard about it, but now I'm intrigued. I, however, cannot help but get a fit of the giggles reading about it, because it brings to mind the B-film "classic" Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. Feast your eyes on its trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LRIypcaIX4. This most certainly falls into the so horrible its awesome category.
As a side note, you can buy the Special Edition DVD folks (that means that it had to actually be RE-released lol) on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Jesus-Christ-Vampire-Hunter-Special/dp/B00007CVRX/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1267714789&sr=8-1-spell) and it gets and overall four stars. Read the five star comments, they alone are pretty fantastic ... in a hilarious way.
We need an Anna Strong comic...and soon.
Hi Brooke-- I haven't read either of those. In fact, I haven't read any mash-ups. They'll find their way to my TBR pile eventually, I suppose. If you read Lincoln first, let me know what you think.

OMG Leia-- Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter???? How could I have ever missed that....

Charlaine deserves every good thing that comes her way. She is a terrific person.

I think so, too, Mario... ;-)


And your comic comes out in May, correct?
I will make the Charlaine and Felix comics the first comic I've purchased in forever. Now patiently waiting for Anna comics....but we will get to hear Anna's voice soon, yeah?

I have ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER on the WWBL. I have QUEEN VICTORIA: DEMON HUNTER on Mt Git'r'Read....will read when I read more of the books that have been waiting patiently for me to get to them.
Hey Vickie--I'm with you on the TBR pile-- I keep thinking I've got a handle on it and then something new catches my eye and I've added one or two or three more!

Is Lady K ready for Easter?

I saw the bit about Burton optioning ALVH. Haven't read any of those. I'm a little curious, but not enough to buy it.

I third the Anna Strong comic. The tot and I could read it together.

Had my second round interview with the philharmonic today. I'll hear next week if I make round three.

Happy Weekend.
Jeanne, I would have completely missed it, except I'm blessed with a number of friends with a passion for B-movie kitsch.

I, by the way, fourth an Anna Strong comic. I'd add it to my list of comics I have set aside for me every month at the store. One more way for me to go broke ;)
J: Lady K was born ready. She has a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, she's turning 7! Celebrating with a tea party. Then will be the visit from Mr EB. She luh-huvs Mr EB.
Oh. Sorry. I have to just say no to this whole Abraham Lincoln/Queen Victoria/etc, {insertevilthinghere} Hunter trend.

Oh. Sorry I watched that trailer. It hits me wrong, wrong, wrong.

I must go put a different image in my head now. Way the wrong audience for that.
okay, Vickie-- who is Mr.EB (am I out of it or what? Want to send Lady K a card. Are you still in Thornton?

Hey Gina-- How about a werewolf image? Are you coming to Mario's signing at Who Else today? If so, see you there!

Anyone see "Alice in Wonderland"? I took the tot and she loved it. There were a few scary moments but everything was so cartoonish and fantastic that it took the edge off. The costumes were amazing!!
It's on my list of things to do, but I haven't watched Alice yet. I HAVE seen pictures of Alice's wardrobe though and would kill to have every one of those pieces in my closet. Well maybe not kill ... but you know what I mean. The Alice costume designer need to be highly commended for his/her work.

It was nice seeing you -- briefly -- at Mario's thing. I had to dash out because it was awfully hot in the room and I wasn't feeling social.

I should explain -- it's the whole bastardizing of historic figures that I'm uncomfortable with. Just not caring for it. Let Abe Lincoln be -- heck, the way it goes anymore some idiot will probably end up thinking he really WAS a vampire hunter.

My 2 cents.
I do see your point, Gina!!

Sorry you weren't feeling well yesterday.

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looks like we got hit by that fucking anonymous poster again. For the time being I have changed our settings to not allow anonymous postings. Hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone....

:-( J.
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