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Sunday, January 10, 2010
  Fangs and gadgets for reading geeks
Mario here:

Jeanne complains about our Colorado winters but at least we don't have this Florida cold weather peril: falling iguanas.

It's been so frigid in the Sunshine State that the reptiles are raining from the trees. So far, no reports of anyone being clobbered on the head.

Old school bloodsuckers.
There's a new vampire flick out. Daybreakers, starring Ethan Hawke. No sparkly undead vegans in this movie.

Rotten Tomatoes gives it 63%. Fangs up or down?

I never saw these on Blade Runner.

There's a growing stampede for new eReaders as the publishing world stumbles into the future. Amazon leads the pack with their Kindle. Sony's somewhere in the middle with their eReader. I have no clue about the JetBook.

Here are rival eReaders that are close to being pushed into the market.

From Samsung. 6-inch $399 10-inch $699

The nifty looking Dual Book from enTourage. $490 A combined eReader and netbook.

Audiovox (RCA) Lexi reader. $230 Exclusively from BN.com

The Alex from Spring Design. $399 A six inch screen for reading text. Not limited to WiFi and compatible with most cellular phone networks.

DMC: Copia. Six different models from $199 to $299 Optimized for online social networking.

Last, the Skiff. Price ? WiFi and Sprint. The biggest screen of the eReaders at 11.5" It's not glass but bendable and thin. Just how bendable? Is it Jeanne proof?

Nothing yet from Apple.

I've played with the Kindle and Sony's eReader but I haven't read a book on any device that wasn't made of paper. No batteries. Not exactly bendable but you can sit on a traditional book and not damage any hardware.

Cover art sells a lot of books. How will eReaders affect this? And what about a home library? A Kindle is not as impressive as a shelf full of books.

Any comments?
I feel sad for the poor reptiles in Florida. I hope they aren't dying due to the cold.

Haven't gotten an eReader myself. I've been doing the big debate. I love my paper books. If I get them wet they don't fry.
I love my paper books as well. I have my favorite covers.
Old people, oranges and reptiles...they move to Florida for a reason.....poor things....

I won't be getting an e-Reader. I like my book covers (sometimes I do judge a book by its cover), I like the feel of a book in my hands and turning pages. I wouldn't be able to take the e-Reader into some of my workplaces due to its possibility of being connected to the computers. Not that I would, but the perception would be there. And I couldn't trade books with my dad and my sister and my other book buds. And who would we get our books signed by you and Jeanne?

You raised an excellent point. How can you have a signing with eReaders? What do you inscribe?
who = how as in HOW would we get our books signed by you and Jeanne....sigh...gotta quit those vodka martinis at lunch....

Maybe there is an Etch-a-Sketch app coming soon to the e-book world....
Paper books all the way. I don't think I would ever want a Kindle. There's some pleasure with opening a new book to read, or even revisiting a yellowed friend that an ereader cannot satisfy.

Claire Fishback
I have mixed feelings about the eReaders. I get to check out the NOOK by Barnes and Noble first hand and have been educated on it to push the product. I only see eReaders useful when traveling. Many books stay in hard cover for very long periods of time and they arent easy to lug when you're on the go.
I like paper books for reading when snuggled in bed or on the couch. I like to get my books autographed, and I like to line shelves with them to show them off. Covers are important.
With the Nook you can download newspapers for on the go and you can also download textbooks for school which is awesome because many of the SAT books weigh half a ton and 3/4 of a mile thick which makes them difficult to keep opened flat.
I see the eReaders as a useful tool when it comes to schoolwork and traveling.
The sky is falling!
The sky is Falling!
Not to worry, they are only frozen lizards
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