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Thursday, August 27, 2009
  It's time for Retribution

Mario here:

That's right.  Jeanne Stein's newest Anna Strong book, Retribution, has been released and there's no holding back.  The vampiric mayhem started last night with Jeanne's book launch at the Highlands Ranch Tattered Cover to a great turnout of friends and fans.  Here's  Jeanne giving us the cutest smile in the book business (no doubt practiced on sailors in San Diego).

I'm posting today to repay Jeanne for taking up the blog slack while I was in Seattle working with Mark Henry on a screenplay. Contrary to what Jeanne posted over at the League, I did not spend the weekend cavorting with twin strippers (though I wish I had that option after being cooped up with his lowness Mark, champion surfer of internet porn.  I was shocked!  Shocked!).  

Mark and I slaved at grinding out--and I do mean grinding, think sausage--the word count.

 We'd unwind by watching Project Runway and Ice Truckers or taking a tour of homeless campsites in the local woods.  

Saturday night, the Leaguers came over to schmooze, drink, and view Blood Orgy of the She Devils, yet another cinematic masterpiece from the king of schlock, Ted Mikels.  

The Leaguers and selected S.O's sit on the edge of their seats (the back edge) as they watch, enthralled, by the blood orgy (little blood but lots of cheese).

To entice you into putting this movie in your Netflix queue, check out this trailer.

When I found out Cherie Priest was working on a steampunk novel, Boneshaker, I had to send her my copy of the 1902 Sears Roebuck catalog, a trove of vintage fashion and contraptions.  Cherie was blown over by the catalog, especially the ad for Dr Hood's Plain Talks about, ahem, Victorian martial relations.

In case you didn't have enough to worry about, up north, at Carleton University in Ottawa, a bunch of Canadian eggheads have presented this academic treatise, When Zombies Attack!: Mathematical Modeling of an Outbreak of Zombie Infection.

And super fan Lorraine Mark has created not one but two on-line offerings.  Check out her poetry on her blog  Sweet Summer Rain  and she's got a new business Cosmic Cotton Candy, where she offers to spin the sugary goodies at carnivals, fairs, and even adult parties!   I wonder where some of that cotton candy will wind up.

Hi Jeanne - CE Murphy found this book pirate site and is suggesting that all the people with pirated books on it notify their publishers...I'm afraid your book is on it. http://englishbookworm.blogspot.com

Scott Drummond
Hi guys :) !
Thanx for the plugs! It's such a surprise!
Congrats, Jeanne, on Retribution!! I'll be seeing it very very shortly at B&N and will promote the daylights out of it as I always do with yours and Mars' books. :)
And your magnets are all over my locker! lol.
Luv, Vamprowler:A Vegan Vamp cuz I don't do stake, har har

Thanks much. I'm on it.
Hey Scott-- I was notified of this spot, too, and filled out the google form. Let's see if it works.

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