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Thursday, June 25, 2009
  Happy Birthday, Joss!

Have to begin with this greeting to Joss Whedon. Our boy turned 45 Tuesday, June 23. Happy Birthday and Many Bloody Returns!!

Here's a nice recap of all things Joss.

In keeping with things in the Whedonverse, I’ll continue with something in the scratch-your-head-in-dumbfoundment (if that’s a word)-category. Star Central Mag did a Top 10 Sexiest Vampires of All Time. Angel is # 5—I’ll let you peruse the rest of the list yourself. But Robert Pattison as Edward Cullen is #1????

Who picked? A ten year old?

And where the hell is Spike?????

Coming back to earth, Anthony Head talking about a possible Ripper TV series.

"Ripper is a kind of a - it’s a funny old thing," said Head. "Whether it ever gets made or not... if it does ever get made, I’ll probably be an octogenarian by the time it does. But it is something I actually introduced Joss to [Doctor Who producer] Julie Gardner, who was a producer with the BBC. She has long wanted to do something with the project. There are obviously complications with Ripper because there are lots of tie ins. There’s FOX, there’s the Kazuis. There’s all sorts of stuff that, basically it isn’t just a simple question of Joss making a series that he wants to make as far as anything concerned with Buffy. There are a lot of people down the line that would have a say. And that’s part of the equation."

Full interview here.

Head’s newest Merlin premiered Sunday, June 21st at 8 pm ET/PT on NBC. And I missed it—damn it! Did anyone see it? Comments?

Book biz news:

Brentano’s in Paris closes after 114 years –

Book trade printed the letter posted on the door on June 15—

Dear Friends,

It is with sadness, and astonishment - despite the prolonged agony of these last months - that we inform you of the official closing of Brentano's Bookstore - Paris, Monday, June 15, 2009. We who remained for the final voyage are a skeleton crew. Along with the many cherished former colleagues you have known, we thank you for your vital collaboration and consideration throughout the years. It has been our privilege to be a part of the special world of books and bookselling and a bridge between cultures.

After 114 years at the same address Brentano's - the American Bookstore in Paris, will no longer welcome the curious passer-by and the faithful regular. In these final days many, many customers have expressed sincere disbelief and genuine anguish upon learning that this institution (in their minds invincible) will cease to exist. This testimony to our combined efforts, yours and ours, we take to heart and share with you.

We will miss our unique universe. We are thankful to have had the rare opportunity to know so many good and talented people from many nations and to have lived and worked in the world of books.

Best wishes, Susan Rosenberg and Alain Queval for Brentano's - Paris

I remember visiting this store many years ago. Sad and astonishing, indeed.

Sebastian Faulks will not write another Bond after all—From BookSeller in the UK:

21.06.09 Benedicte Page

The "options are open" on a follow-up to the James Bond hit Devil May Care, agent Simon Trewin has said, though Sebastian Faulks has confirmed that he will not author a second Bond title.

"My contract did offer me a second go, but definitely not," he told The Bookseller. "'Once funny, twice silly, three times a slap', as the nanny saying goes. But I think it would be a good gig for someone to do."

Trewin, of United Agents, manages the literary rights to Bond on behalf of the Fleming estate. He said that no new author had been signed up to write and there were "no firm plans at the moment". But he added: "All options are open."

I'll do it, I'll do it!!!!

I wasn’t sure how to categorize this next one. Maybe things-I-never-thought-I’d-see.

The granddaughter of Cuban revolutionary leader Ernesto "Che" Guevara is at the forefront of another revolution _ for vegetarianism.

Lydia Guevara poses semi-nude in a PETA campaign that tells viewers to "join the vegetarian revolution," said PETA spokesman Michael McGraw.


It's time again for the annual Writerspace Beach Party, to celebrate summer and find some terrific beach reads for this year's vacation! Join dozens of your favorite authors at the 2009 Beach Party at Writerspace on Sunday, June 28th from 8pm ET to 11pm ET.

Authors will be dropping in to chat all during the evening and we will be giving away 100s of new books and other fantastic prizes --autographed, hard-to-find, advance copies plus special treats like gift baskets and more. We hope to see you Sunday night! You don't have to be present to win, but you must be registered. To register, and for details on all participating authors and the prizes they're giving away, go here.

I’m giving away some books and swag but I don’t know when and if I’ll drop in for a chat. However, lots of great authors are and the chance at a lot of great prizes for simply registering makes it a no-brainer.

Ending with two fun things from pal Lorraine Mark. First a video that needs no explanation. Now, Mario assures me I can do this. We’re about to find out.

And this:

I'm enclosing a picture of my spinning my Galactic Sugary Yumminess at the local 'Bark In The Park' dog show (I wonder how many kids ate sugary dog hair in their cones! LOL) Ewww!

If you’re in the Croton Park NY area and want something novel (ha-ha) for your next party, look Lorraine up! As her banner says: A Spinner Of Galactic Sugary Yumminess!

I could use some sugary yumminess about now!!
Ja, I vas able to see da svingin', so it vorked!
= D

Yep, it was some clueless 10 year olds who voted for the underwhelming #1 sexy vamp. At least Angel made it, but I've always been a Spike chickie. Thank you for the new pic to add as my icon on my shelfari page. = >
And a new to me vampire flick with the yum Jude Law. (my yum factor is kind of all over the place)
Happy Birthday Joss!
Registered for the Sunday night fun! Now to keep Lady K occupied so Mommie can play on the computer.
Vickie-- ya, it vas a good one.

J. :-)
Hi Jeanne
I got the greatest anniversary present from the hubby. Aparently iron is a traditional give for a 6th wedding anniversary. I joked about an iron stake. So, he went out and had someone make me a Ivery heavy) iron stake, sharp and completely useable with some kind of pin attachment (so I can put it on a ple arm??) and a belt loop. I have to admit, it's a very thought present. Bad demons and evil faeries beway. Now i just have to keep it out of the tot's reach, lol. She says hello! She was showing her swimming teacher her "swirly vampire cape" the other day, lol
~Suzanne and the tot
Hey Suzanne-- you're hubby is definitely a keeper!!

And hope the tot's teachers didn't get alarmed by the vampire cape--though I remember on Sesame Street wasn't the "count" a vamp, too???

Give her a kiss for me (and Anna).


I just had a flash ahead to some poor teacher who asks the tot to write an essay on what she wants to be when she grows up.

And gets a paper lovingly scrawled -- "Why I want to be a vampire."

The poor teacher will need therapy. And will start wearing a garlic necklace to school.

This is why some days I think my imagination should be illegal.
Gina, been there done that, only mine actually just wants to *marry* a vampire, she wants to be a mermaid doctor. Yeah. She starts catcholic school next year. Yeah, i'm going to be excommunicated as an elf-loving heritic, lol.

Jeannne--her pierced and tatooed teen swim teacher thought it was cool. It's those nuns she's going to have next year I worry about, lol. Suddenly, public school doesn't look that bad, lol!

Happy firday1

~SUzanne and the tot
Are the nuns in habit? Tell her they are hiding elf ears under their snood.

I'm doomed.
Having gone to a Catholic school (which you can't tell from my handwriting, I know) I can say from experience that those tricky nuns are not easily deceived. However, I did learn the secret to getting along my very first year. Smile sweetly, say "yes,sister" at the appropriate time and then you can pretty much do anything you like. Fight the system, and you're in trouble!!!

So tell the Tot, be sweet and smile when she says she wants to marry a vampire doctor, and she'll get a smile and a wink in return. She probably shouldn't carry the magnets of my book covers to school in her book bag, though. That might be pushing the envelope.

:-) J.
Whoops-- meant marry a vampire and "be a mermaid doctor."

Got to keep that straight.

snood? I think it's actually a wimple. In any event, make up some story about some supernatural body part tucked under the robes. Then let the chaos ensue!

Or not, if you want her to be successful in Catholic school.

Worst three months of my entire school life were in Catholic school.
Hehehe, so none of Mario's buttons on her backpack either, lol?

I went to a catholic college, and "yes. sister" worked very well, lol.

@ gina, the college I went to was full of nuns in habits (we even had an old nuns home on campus, lol). Love the elf ears one, but if I tell her that she might ask to see them, lol


Asking them to see their elf ears was sort of the point! I'm evil. So very evil.

Mind you, I've known a handful of neat nuns in my life (amendment: I've known a handful of nuns in my life. 90% of them have been neat.) Nothing against nuns. I've even had overnight stays at a convent a few times.

On a different topic before you start embroidering "Sister Gina" on my linens:

I just caught the first episode of Merlin on hulu.com. It's brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. A few quirky touches.

The gist of it is -- let's meet Merlin as a young man newly arrived in Uther Pendragon's court. Where Uther has made the practice of magic punishable by death. AND let's say Arthur is also there -- about Merlin's age and a spoiled brat. Merlin and Arthur get a hate on for each other at first glance.

Watch it for yourself -- if you like Legend of the Seeker, this has a similar feel. I'll take these over Dollhouse any day.

Question: Why do fun, imaginative shows like these have to come from the UN, New Zealand, etc. Why is Hollywood so very creatively bankrupt?
I've been out of town dealing with a friends wedding (I was MoH and I cried - a lot.) I cried during the ceremony, during the first dance (though in my defence it was a very special song and there had been a vast consipracy where anyone who knew about the song choice had been under strict orders to not tell me ... I bawled like baby and it wasn't even me getting married), and I cried during the MoH toast. I never cry at events or in movies or anything. Never.

Soooo back to the blog. Wow so much to comment on. Here are my thoughts on a few of them

1) I saw that poll last week and was wondering the same thing. I was glad to see Angel (and Henry Fitzory!!!!) on it but I was mystified at Edward Cullen's placement. I'd say a ten year old did the picking as well. Since when did that kind of pseudo-vampire become awesome? I miss mythology! (oh and yay! Fitzroy! ok I'm done now.)

2) Ripper - I am not getting my hopes up b/c it will probably never happen. That said, even if Anthony Stewart Head is on a respirator and in a wheel chair I would still watch that show.

3) Merlin - I saw it online last year while it was airing on the BBC in the UK. I enjoyed it. It is a little slow starting off and certainly has a formula that most of the episodes follow. I really enjoy the fact that Merlin is the same age/slightly younger(?) than Arthur and is by no means an all seeing/all knowing character. he is human, he is fallible (VERY fallible) and extreamly loyal. I look forward to seeing where the story goes. If you missed Merlin premiering you can find the first three episodes (atleast as of last Wed) on hulu. I would classify the show as kid friendly (older kiddies b/c there are sword fights and a dragon etc).
Gina asked: Why do fun, imaginative shows like these have to come from the UN, New Zealand, etc. Why is Hollywood so very creatively bankrupt?

Because in Hollywood (as in publishing) the bottom line is more important than good stories. How else do you explain the inane shows we are subjected to?

I taped (yes, I still use a VCR) last night's episodes of Merlin and plan to catch up before Thurs' blog. I'm glad Gina and Leia liked it -- gives me hope.

Jeanne, I couldn't agree more. I think I'll go crazy if I have to watch another scripted show (that includes "reality" tv) that focuses on self absorbed, spoiled brats. I'm not saying i want all "happy family, everything solved in 30 min" shows, but there is a reason that Fresh Prince, The Cosby Show, and others like it have remained very popular in the recent past - or even more recently, shows like Everybody Loves Raymond. I personally would just like to see a few sci-fi/fantasy shows survive. While I'm not a massive Twilight fan, I might come to appreciate it more if its popularity allows supernatural television shows to be given more consideration, and allow some well scripted imaginative shows to stay on the air. Let me take this moment to simply say I really really miss Blood Ties.
I found this blog where you can watch the entire first season of Merlin.


Good news is BBC has renewed Merlin for a second season, proving that the Brits have better minds than Hollywood. (as if we needed proof of that)
I remember reading about the second season a while ago. I'm very glad of that. and am looking forward to it very much.
hey Gina and Leia-- Just watched the two episodes from Sunday--I like it, too. I'll go back and catch the first two. The relationship between Arthur and Merlin was more friendly in the two I watched--well, maybe not friendly, but Arthur risked his life to save Merlin.

Of course, Ripper looks pretty good, too-- he was born to wear that crown!


The relationship between Arthur and Merlin is definately improving. But it didn't start out quite so smoothly. Glad you're liking it.

I like that they've mixed up the characters a bit, so that, say, Guinevere is a lady-in-waiting. It breaks up your expectation that you're waiting for the inevitable marriage of Arthur and Gwen (and yet you are left wondering if somehow they'll still end up married.)

I also like that not everybody is a stick-thin Hollywood waif. There are beauties, but there is a more individualistic beauty rather than the look that comes out of Hollywood these days. To me they are much more real looking that most young starlets today.
I do love the fact that the roles of traditional characters have been switched up. I also don't remember reading an Arthur tale that had Marlin as Arthur's manservant. The best modern Arthur tale I have read is Stephen R Lawhead's 5 book series, and that changed things up by having Merlin a long lived descendant of Atlantian survivors. That series pulled Arthur from myth and made him a real human being, and his show is doing that kind of thing in the television show from a different direction. This is the first version of Arthur that I’ve seen which has striven to make the characters more human – all the while indulging in a number of classic Arthurian legend trademarks. I also find myself liking the character of Morgana for the first time ever. I’ve become ever so tired of the Arthurian legends and feel that most retellings are just beating a dead horse, but I’m very much enjoying this version.

Also, Ripper as Uther Pendragon was a major surprise for me. It excitement on my face when I realized who Uther was ... well you should have been there.
Leia said: Also, Ripper as Uther Pendragon was a major surprise for me. It excitement on my face when I realized who Uther was ... well you should have been there.

I wasn't so surprised since I knew he was in this. But, and here I agree with both you and Gina, I like the casting. Arthur is suitably hunky and Merlin surprisingly nerdy-- Gwen as a serving girl caught me off guard. It works, though, and since I've been known to tweak mythology a little myself, I'm always open to new interpretations.

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