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Sunday, May 17, 2009
  Hero worship
Mario here:

We got a bunch of great candidates for our villains. Now it's time for our heroes contest. Simply post a comment with your hero's name. Remember, we've got prizes to include a Devil Duck. Winners announced Thursday, May 21.

Let's start with a favorite of Jeanne's--Bond, James Bond.

Bookended here by hunks Daniel Craig and Sean Connery.

High on my heroes list is Hawkeye (played by colonial heart throb Daniel Day-Lewis), from Last of the Mohicans.

I'll throw another rock from the Trekkie faithful against the Star Wars geeks. Kirk and Spock could totally kick any Jedi Knight's or stormtrooper's butt.

Indiana Jones. Nuff said (though Bond could kick his ass).

How can we ignore Superman and Batman, rendered here by ace artist Alex Ross.

Steve McQueen in Bullit.

Harry Potter.

One from the golden age of television: The Lone Ranger.

Even slackers need a hero, as in the Dude from The Big Lebowski.

You can vote for a real life hero. Jesse Owens comes to mind.

What about the women!

Well, that brings us to one of the supreme ass-kickers as all time, Ripley from the Alien franchise.


I've been taking a lot of crap, and deservedly so, for not including more women heroes.

So from the screen:

True life women heroes.
Amelia Earhart, aviation pioneer.

Another aviation pioneer, author Beryl Markham.
Eileen Collins, the first female shuttle pilot and mission commander.
Babe Dickerson, one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross.

From Publishers Lunch:

(Fellow Leaguer) Cherie Priest's BLOODSHOT, the first novel in the Cheshire Red Reports, about a neurotic vampire/thief and her wealthy client who was blinded by a secret military project and hires her to steal back his records, to Anne Groell at Bantam Dell, in a two-book deal, by Jennifer Jackson at the Donald Maass Literary Agency.


This Thursday, May 21, I'm reading and signing with Manuel Ramos at the book launch of the anthology, Hit List: the Best of Latino Mystery. 7:30PM, Tattered Cover on Colfax, here in Denver.

Lighthouse Lit Fest.

I'm teaching a couple of classes during the totally awesome Lit Fest.

Rhetorical Devices: Not Just for Poets.
June 11, 2009. 5-7:30PM

What was the Question? How to keep your story on track.
June 18, 2009. 2-4:30PM
Hero...Oh, dear Biting Edgers, I am one screwed-up young lady. Evidence in who I chose...

Stan Smith. He's CIA, pro-guns, hates foreigners, and is basically one giant douche.

But his redeeming feature? He makes me laugh. A lot.

Good morning, USA, indeed.
Lets see... for a book heroines, I like Ivy Tamwood and Rachel Morgan, Anita Blake, Anna Stong, Karrin Murphy (Dresden Files.

Dottie :)
I've thought of a few movie heriones, I like Hermione Granger (book as well), Pepper Potts (Iron Man would be nothing without Pepper - also graphic novel), Alice Cullen (book as well, but the movie brought her to life).

Dottie :)
Gee, I wish someone would come to rural central Illinois and sign books, we're waaay off the radar.

The problem would be that me and about two other people would show up at a signing. That just about encompasses the size of the town, almost the entire size of downstate Illinois, lol.

Dottie :)

At Biting-Edge we love screwed-up ladies.


Great line up of female heroes. Downstate Illinois? Hmmm...who knows. I'll keep you posted.

WHAT???? Mario, you could only come up with ONE female hero????

I can't even begin to tell you how WRONG that is!!!

I've always been more of a villain fan myself but if I had to pick a hero I'd suppose I'd have to go with Mal from Serenity/Firefly. Love the sarcasm in my heroes!
Jeanne: On the plus side, Mario picked a kickass female hero. My favorite line, 'Get away from her you BITCH!' And he chose some hottie male heroes......nice start to my Monday! All broody Bond and grubby Indy....
I was actually talking to a friend about this the other day.

When I was a kid, my favorite comic book heroes were the Mighty Thor (because I was all about mythology anyway and loved that a Norse God had his own comic), Ka-Zar (because he had a sabretooth tiger sidekick and he fight dinosaurs), Killraven (because he fought War of the Worlds martians), and Jack Russell-Werewolf by Night (because werewolves are cool).

One of the things all four have in common is that even though they take place in the Marvel universe, none of them actually need other superheroes to work as concepts. They all belong to other subgenres; mythic high fantasy, lost world pulp adventure, science fiction, horror.

The other thing I realized is that all four of them are white guys with really long hair. Well, Jack Russell's hair is simply long instead of really long, but he also turns into a hairy werewolf so it evens out.

Children love to read about heroes who look like themselves. My best friend Brian loves black superheroes. All the women I know are crazy about Wonder Woman. I liked reading about long haired white guys.

Go figure.
Hey Mario, I've been posting about this Heroes and Villain business in the other thread here. Do my entries there count toward this contest or do I need to post here as well? Oops I thing I just did post here. LOL.
So just incase I need to post fave heroes here instead in the thread called "Now for the Good Guys"... I have some more to add to the mix. After seeing that Mario listed a famous real person I too have a couple to nominate:

1. Chuck Yeager
2. T.E. Lawrence
3. Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt
4. Charles Lindberg
5. Audie Murphy

WHilst you also mentioned Sigorney Weaver's Alien character what about Linda Hamilton from the Terminator movies? Or TV's Zena Warrior Princess or Buffy? Or heck even two lasses from Thelma and Louise... heroines for their generation.
Just in case no one has read my comments in the thread "Now for the Good Guys" I just to reiterate that for me in these modern times I think the best hero stems not from a sense of duty, or revenge, or it's the only choice left, but a true hero does what he/she does because it comes natural and they enjoy doing it without outside sources driving them to be heroes.

Therefore I nominate the character Hiro from the TV show Heroes. Hiro actually enjoys being the hero. He wants to be the hero and for all the right reasons. Besides look at his character's name why it's as close to being called a Hero as one can get.
Mario: Much better. Thank you for the addendum.
How about Wolverine?! Love Hugh Jackman in that role.
You need more heroines? Hmmm...

Kate Beckensale (Selene) in the two Underworld movies

Kate Beckensale (Anna?) in Van Helsing

Sigourney Weaver (Riley? I think) from the Alien series

Hey, I can't be the only one obsessed with Kate Beckinsale.
Heros -

James Bond - of course
Indiana Jones
Kate Beckensale - In the Underworld movies
Gambit - from the cartoon X Men, havent seen the new movie yet
Cyclops - X Men

Thats what I have right now. I will come back if I think of more later.
Indiana Jones
Thom - All the women I know are crazy about Wonder Woman.

That's 'cause Wonder Woman is awesome!:)

Other favourite heroines of mine are Emma Peel from the Avengers, Sira from Julie E. Czerneda's Trade Pact Cycle of The Clan Chronicles series, and though the movies were kinda bad, I quite liked Angelina Jolie's Lara Croft.
Oh course the Lone Ranger. Too Loved Little Jo from Bonanza!

Add in too for woman, Helen Keller. She was a great inspiration and hope to me!
Emma Peel! Of course.
I dunno, I think anyone who inspires you to be the person you want to be is a hero. For that I nominate my Grandfather, my Dad although few will know them.

As to fictional Heroes, Druss the Legend all the way. Popular heroes, well I'd go for Captain Jack Sparrow, he makes me laugh and does as he pleases.
Falcata Times said: I think anyone who inspires you to be the person you want to be is a hero. For that I nominate my Grandfather, my Dad although few will know them.

Very nice.

Favorite hero, male: Ash Williams from Army of Darkness and the Evil Dead movies. You have to admire a man who will cut off his own hand.

Favorite hero, female: Margaret Sanger. This woman got arrested (repeatedly) and deported once for daring to tell women they didn't have to get pregnant. I even named my cat after her.

Is it to late for me to continue the process of stuffing ballot boxes for this contest?

I am just following in the famous footsteps of Tammany Hall, the cronies from Cicero in Chi-Town and my neighbors in that wonderful bastion of PC correctness i.e. The Parish of New Orleans.

If it isn't to late I can also run down to my local city offices and see who I can 'dig' up and get their votes in as well.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oh and one more thingy, If by some chance of corruption, bribe or devious lobbying on my part, I win this contest and receive the goodies from Mario, I just want to know 1 thing... Can I read these books in the Sunlight?

Also since this is a blog supported by writers... I apologize for that very long run-on sentence above.
Run on along, Atticus-- you have until midnight tonight!!!

Hi Jeanne, looks like my tax-deferred check must have made it to you, and just in time.

Mario hasn't commented on any of my posts but I also wonder if that's just because I'm a dude. LOL.

So this thing ends at Midnight. Funny about that... isn't that when you and Mario's characters come out to play-ya?

That's why I wanted to know if it was safe to read your books in the sunlight.

Oh and I want to go on record that I lay STAKE to the claim that I have no idea what I'm typing and can't be held responsible unless I can claim duress of excessive misuse of Crown Royal... God Save The Queen (of Canada).
*snarf* :)
@Pissenlit: Moi?
My personal heroine: Michelle Obama. As for the fictional ladies, I'd have to say Buffy, Lara Croft, Max from Dark Angel and Sydney Bristow from Alias.
My literary heroines include: Rachel Morgan, Cat from the Night Huntress series, Kate Daniels and Mercy Thompson.
I hope you stay with us AtticusRex--you look at things with the same twisted way Mario does (i.e., often from the bottom of a bottle). Makes you a natural fit for our audience. He doesn't respond often--I have no idea why. I'll certainly ask him.

And yes, our books are safe to read in daylight. Both our vampires can go out in the sun. Mine because in my world,vampires have adapted to sunlight. In Mario's because his vampires use massive amounts of makeup and sunblock.

Now I ask you--which makes more sense? Come to think of it, Mario uses massive amount of makeup and sunblock-- hmmmm -- makes one wonder, doesn't it?

Ahhhh BUT in Mario's first sequel parchment used for a message bursts into flame upon exposure to sunlight so either:

1.) The cabal used too low a PF on their MS (isn't that just typical of publishers?)

2.) The text itself was simply too hot (it WAS about the Porno industry)

3.) Vampire epidermis loses its photopyroasbestestosterone upon expiration of the post-vivos vivacity.

4.) The ignition was simply an indignant expression of just exactly what Parch ment. ;-)

Besides, spontaneous biblio-combustion would have prevented Name of the Rose from being nearly as effective a story.

Oh, DocPhibes--

4.) The ignition was simply an indignant expression of just exactly what Parch ment. ;-)

You and AtticusRex are going to keep us on our toes, I can see that.

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