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Sunday, April 12, 2009
  It's Easter
Mario here:

No cute bunnies today. Ate 'em all. Yum.

What's on my TBR?

Like most of us writers, I struggle to make time to read. And shame on me, I've known Jason Starr for years and finally got around to one of his books.
I finished The Follower, a different kind of thriller than the usual bang-bang chases. We've got a creepy villain stalking his victims among New York 20-somethings tumbling into one another's beds. Good stuff.

I'm also on the prowl for new authors and found this nice interview with Daniella Brodsky on Linda Faulkner's blog.

Bite Me!

Jonsing for more vampire reads? Cruise on over to LoveVampires.com.

Couldn't make this up.

I recently found this magazine cover I had stashed in my art folders. I kept the cover because of the model, Kelly Ryan, and her enthusiastic expression of patriotism.
Kelly was one of the world's top fitness models and famous, rich, having achieved the success that eludes most of us. Especially me.

So as a mystery writer, my interest was snagged when I read back in December 2005 of the murder of an acquaintance of Kelly.

Melissa James was found dead in the burned out hulk of Kelly's Jaguar in the desert outside Las Vegas. She had died of asphyxiation and not of smoke inhalation or from the fire. An autopsy found drugs in her system and evidence of being Tasered. Plus, the fire investigators discovered that the accelerant had been outdoor grill starter fluid. (The police later found Wal-Mart security tapes of Kelly buying several containers of the starter fluid the night of the murder.)

Melissa had been living with Kelly and her husband, body builder Craig Titus. Not surprisingly, a love triangle developed between the three. The motive for murder: jealousy. As the police pressed their investigation, Kelly and Craig made plans to escape to Greece, which has no extradition treaty with the US. (I don't understand. Kelly was running away with her cheating husband?) The police caught up to the suspects and arrested them in Massachusetts. At the time, Kelly was in a spa getting a pedicure while Craig waited outside in his SUV. Here they are, in chains--Kelly looking especially unglamorous--appearing in a Nevada court for arraignment.

They faced murder one and the possibility of execution. Just before trial, Kelly pleaded guilty to arson and battery with a deadly weapon with significant bodily harm and faces 2 - 15 years in prison for each of her counts. Craig pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping and arson and faces 17 to 55 years in prison.

Here's the most recent photo I could find of Kelly, visiting day at the Clark County Detention Center. She's the one on the monitor.

Once again, truth is stranger...and more tragic than fiction.

Very strange and sad. Not good. Love that your bringing attention to it though.

Check out our spoof vampire news show called "Bloodcast News Network" on iheartvampires.net

Thanks Emily.

Will check you out...er...I mean your vampire news spoof.
Did you just eat the cute bunnies, or did you eat the cute kitties and puppies too?

Or did you save them for Felix?
Burp! Guess.
My guess is Santa's stocking up on a fresh supply of coal, just for you.
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