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Sunday, February 15, 2009
  post-Valentine's Day
Mario here:

Fellow Biting-Edger Jeanne posted what my writing space looks like over at the League of Relunctant Adults. Among the many comments is that my space looks messy! Messy? It's a sign of genius.

Saw PUSH. Interesting and better than I expected. The movie was shot in China so American audiences get an exotic setting. The premise is psychic espionage and they have a lot of cool innovations, some of which I wish I would've thought of, like sniffers. These guys take an item of yours and sniff it (no panties or bicycle seats), just things like toothbrushes, cups, or jewelry. They get psychic readings and can "see" what you've been doing. Awesome.

Last Monday I attended a Tattered Cover signing of Eli Gottlieb's paperback edition of his acclaimed novel, Now You See Him. He's a local author and ranks a 9.6 on the swell guy index.

Who celebrated Valentine's Day the traditional way? Raise your hands. I spent mine volunteering at El Centro Su Teatro cooking food for 200+ folks who had come for dinner and the stage version of Bless Me Ultima.

Then spent the rest of the evening washing dishes. Valentine's Day, woo-hoo!
Here's fellow volunteer Joan Garcia icing mini brownies (very traditional Mexican cuisine).

Well Mario... your V-day was waaaay better than mine, believe it or not.

I worked 12hrs in the ER.... and not only that, but was assigned to our "security" area which means all the good guys from County Jails, and the guys from Chino Prision were my valentines that day!

This was by far my worse V-day ever!
So those of you who maybe thought you had a bad V-day.... I bet you feel better now ha!?
Actually, I enjoyed my V-day.

I bet you got a lot of requests for last-minute V-day dates.
Swim lessons, lunch at Olive Garden, grocery shopping, nap in the afternoon because Lady K wanted company at 0400.....sigh....pretty nice Valentine's Day for the most part...especially compared to VampyNurse...{HUGS} on that! Mario is right, though, you were probably very popular..
Spent V-day with my parents, who visited from the Springs for the weekend. We went to a movie. My dad bought us brunch and dinner. Then he bought my mom and I each a single rose (which was actually quite sweet of him).

They showed up with a chocolate rose, a heart shaped box of Ferraro Rocher chocolates which they think are my favorites (they are good, but not my favorites, but I'll never tell them that).

And my mom baked us a heart-shaped red velvet cake.

That was my V-Day. It was sweet even if I do need a life.

The best part was watching my 70-something parents do their crazy, G-rated kid-like flirty thing.

My dad spent the night tucked up next to my mom on the sofa (hands to himself), and they shared a blanket. He had a huge grin on his face. He was with his girls and it was good.

My parental unit V-day.
Hmmm v-day. I celebrated by wearing pink shoes with my black outfit instead of black ones ... and I took cookies with me on my regular Saturday visit to the local bookstore. The staff there was my valentine again this year :-p

Mario I think your writing space looks so cozy! It reminds me a lot of my art space (aka - what used to be a diningroom table)and the surrounding area. I think a chaotic *looking* workspace is essential for maximum creativity.

Ha! I knew it. We visual types recognize neat work spaces for what they are: a cry for help.

Don't know what pink shoes mean, on a guy that is. Not that I have any.
A cry for help indeed ... how can you think when everything is neat and orderly? I'm not talking a HUGE mess here, but some chaos is necessary in order to organize one's mind.

Hmmm. Well the pink shoes don't show thier faces very often ... they largely pop up on Valentines Day, and a few times in Spring/Summer after one too many "where's the funeral?" comments. Just in case I have a white pair in reserves. :p
Mario, just drizzle your shoes with some Pepto Bismol. Instant pink.
I spent most of my V-Day working at Barnes & Noble. I didn't have any Red or Pink to wear, so I cut out a 'Red Dot Special' sticker into a heart and stuck it to my shirt :))))
Vamp, that is a cute idea. I honestly would nto even own a pink (or white) pair, but when I was living in france, a local grocery store had these adorable leather heels buy 2 for 20 Euros. so I bought both the white and the pink then. When knew that grocery stores had such awesome leather heels that aren't total junk?
argueing with my kids, and trying to make my 4 yr old granbaby NOT to bite, she is really not a vampire
but my poor 12 yro, has a hole in her ear from the shark mouthed 4yro. so i heard screeching and squealing and not pleansant at all.
i kinda wonder what happen, vd used to be fun
o i cant seem to download the book at eos, :(
could some1 tell me how?
since today is the last day
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