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Friday, July 27, 2007
  TGI freak'n Friday
Mario here, filling in for Jeanne who is slumming at Comic-Con in San Diego. For Jeanne, life is very rough this week. (This is not Jeanne by the way)

The question has been asked, what special powers does the Devil Duck possess? Some say they can channel other people through the DD and the channelee often hears a mysterious faint--and evil--quacking. Has anyone experienced this?

Then again the last time I heard that evil quacking, it was not the Devil Duck but our president on TV! Or was it?

I'd love to hear any stories about your experiences with the paranormal though anything induced by vodka, whiskey, or tequila is not allowed.
Well, that LOOKS like Jeanne...
Of course, that's me!!!

well, maybe in my dreams...ComicCon is a BLAST...

It was fall of '78, my first year out of high school. My sister, Annie just turned a Senior.
It was a school morning like any other school morning in our house except I wasn't going to school. I was too busy staying in bed enjoying my lazy ass non-school day!
My bedroom was on the second floor (three story house) and my bed was opposite my bedroom door, so when laying in bed, facing out into the room, I could see out into the hallway. A flight of 5 steps, I couldn't see from my bed, rose up to the third story bedrooms. A set of 5 steps descended to the first floor where our kitchen was. Got the picture?
Ok, here's what happened, now that you hopefully can picture what I just described....
It's early morning and I just woke up. I'm lying in bed facing the hallway. I can hear my parents eating breakfast at the kitchen table on the first floor. My sister Annie appears in the hallway heading for the steps that go down stairs past my room. About 10 seconds later this same sister appears in the hallway heading for the steps that go down stairs past my room!!!! What the hell???!!
Back up here, as I recall, the first sister Annie was wearing a light printed nightgown, barefooted, hair up in a bun. The second sister Annie was wearing school clothes carrying her books!!
I thought perhaps a time-lapse went by and I fell back to sleep when all of a sudden I heard my mother say "Annie, didn't you just come down the stairs with your nightgown on??!!"
That's when I nearly passed out! Not only did 'I' witness an apparition but so did my own mother at the same time!!
This is a true story and one I will never, ever forget.

Our house was a very haunted one. I slept over lots of friends houses, let me tell you!

I have more to tell if interested :)
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