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Sunday, July 01, 2007
Mario here:

We're in the middle of the lazy days of summer and I've got that song, Summertime, by Janis Joplin humming in my head. I've turned in the manuscript for book three which means I'm in between book contracts and I have lots of free time. The bad news is that I have lots of free time and I should have a deadline looming over me. Yikes!

Since it was a hot mo-fo in Denver, my son and I (and the dog) went to play in the water. We don't have a Miami Beach but we do have Confluence Park.

Afterwards I needed to escape the heat and where better than a bar? Rebecca at the British Bulldog pours me a cold Stella Artois.

I blog to Biting-Edge but that doesn't mean I'm cutting-edge in all things. In this case, The Sopranos.

Original by Philip Burke, New York Observer

A couple of weeks back there was a lot of hoopla about the final episode but as I don't have cable, I hadn't seen the show. For reasons that I hope to reveal later, I bought a boxed set of the first season for research. It's true! I'm going to claim it on my taxes. The first episode was okay. By the second episode I was hooked. Now I'm jonseing for Season Two.

What shows are you aching for this summer?
Hehehe! I was thinking of "Summertime Blues." I'm hoping to see the final episode of HEX. I hope they bring back Dresden's Files. *g*
That would have to be the new season of South Park. My guilty pleasure.
So it’s none of my business, but. Why doesn’t a big time writer have cable?
By big time writer, are you talking to me, Sidramone? Ha. The next time you order pizza, don't be surprised if it's me with the delivery.

I don't have cable for two reasons. One, I'm a cheapskate. Two, I have to fight to make time to write so something's gotta give. So no FX, Sci-Fi, History, Animal Planet, HBO, Domingo Gigante, or Rachel Ray.
A good mafioso is hard to find these days. Enjoy your Sopranos, sugar. ;)

Me, I'm eagerly awaiting the return of Doctor Who. Damn those Daleks! LOL
"The next time you order pizza, don't be surprised if it's me with the delivery."

Well there goes my dreams of luxury and leisure when I finish my novel.
That would explain why your pickup shown in an earlier blog looks a lot like I pictured Coyote’s in X-rated Bloodsuckers.
"Me, I'm eagerly awaiting the return of Doctor Who. Damn those Daleks! LOL "

Watched it the other night. Two episodes. Glad he didn’t take the screaming bride as a traveling companion. Two Doctors. When someone says Doctor, which one responds?
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